No Wii price cut for UK - helps pay for Ant & Dec ads though

wiiOne thing that’s always guaranteed to generate some major warmth over at HotUKDeals is a Nintendo Wii price cut. But they go as quickly as they come and the Wii’s regular price of £179.99 has held firm since its launch three years ago.

But Christmas is coming and the console wars are hotting up again. From Sunday, in the US and Japan, there’s a permanent cut in the Wii RRP coming - $50 off in the States, bringing it down to $199 (about £125.)

In the UK, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that a cut in the console’s RRP seems unlikely to happen but the good news is that the Wii bundle is to be enhanced. As well as the Wii Remote, nunchuck and Wii Sports that have been standard add-ons since day one, the new bundle will also include Wii Sports Resort and the Motion Plus gizmo.

The extra bits retail together at about £40, which still doesn’t bring the real value of the console down to anywhere near the £125 that the Americans are getting. Oh, so it’s all bad news then really.

No, wait, there is some good news. There’s also going to be a blockbusting ad campaign for the Wii coming pre-Christmas, and it’ll be starring TV’s loveable Geordie forehead duo Ant & Dec. It’s a slight improvement on Harry and Jamie Redknapp but we’re still not impressed.

So there you go. This Nintendo Wii update at Bitterwallet was brought to you in association with A Whole Heap Of Bad Fucking News.


  • Steff
    you meant $ here: "bringing it down to ($) £199 (about £125.)"
  • CompactDstrxion
    One thing I learned a while ago is that Nintendo take every opportunity they can to screw the UK. That's why I no longer buy any of their products. The Wii is rubbish anyway.
  • Gunn
    Damn them! Using the exchange rate as a reason to not cut the console, even though it probably cost them half of what it used too
  • My P.
    I dont really care, bought mine 3 years ago anyway ..... I hear some people dont pay for DS games though with technology out there to do the same for the wii ..... I guess they'll get the last laugh not nintendo!
  • mustafa
    That's called greed and arrogance kicking in. We all know what happened to sony when they got arrogant and released their system for $599. Nintendo need to sort themselves out, or this huge lead that they are enjoying will soon turn bitter.
  • me
    So you now get an extra game worth about £40 for free? And when have we ever got anything at the same price as the US? Seems like a fair deal to me :)
  • mustafa
    @ "Posted by me" Fair price for you, but it wont be for the mummies and daddies that are gonna spend hundreds or thousands on xmas gifts.
  • Amanda H.
    Asda had them for £140,I remember flogging them on Amazon for £500. They're worth at least £50.
  • me
    Well it was £180 before, and I think its fair to say that mummies and daddies bought rather a lot of them. The RRP is £180, so deals will be lower than that. I sold mine and stuck with the 360.
  • John
    motion plus is a must!
  • niceblokedave
    It's always been the same for screwing the U.K (and to be fair most of Europe over). First is was the 'your voltage system is different ' speach that is no longer valid due to the brick power supplies . Then the 'Your on PAL and U.S is NTSC' speach, loads of systems are now duel standard or RGB / HDMI so that ones gone too . Would be nice if they just said ' Hay you guys are dumb enough to pay it so why should we drop our prices.....SUCKERS' . At least they would be honest. With the poor quality control in wii games anyway maybe we should all be teaching them a lesson by not buying their console anyway ?.
  • zeddy
    "tarring TV’s loveable Geordie forehead duo Ant & Dec." A couple of Wii cunts then.
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    [...] No Wii price cut for UK – helps pay for Ant & Dec ads though [...]
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    [...] No Wii price cut for UK – helps pay for Ant & Dec ads though [...]

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