No Man's Sky refunds - what's going on?

No Man's Sky refunds

There's been a bit of a kerfuffle concerning refunds with the PS4 game, No Man's Sky.

Gamers have been trying to get refunds on the game on Steam and PS4. Some people didn't like the way the game ended, while others were just being cheeky and aiming for refunds after playing it for ages.

The game's official Reddit page is filled with comments, confirming that many had returned the game. Steam have given refunds on games that have been played for two or less hours, but some gamers have had problems.

From Reddit:

"Just heard on a random twitch channel they're giving refund so i gave it a shot even though I tried the day it came out, AND HOLY SH*T IT WORKED."

"For anyone who is not getting a refund I would just keep trying. I'm not sure why it works for some and not others but no harm in just trying again."

Over at the Neogaf forums, there's loads of advice on how to get a refund on No Man's Sky, which you can see if you click here.

PlayStation's policy on refunds says: "It's always frustrating to spend your hard-earned money on something, only to have it not meet your expectations."

"While the PlayStation Network Terms of Service and User Agreement prevent us from granting refunds in this situation, we do have a few suggestions on how to make your next purchase a sure-fire hit."

It poses an interesting question though - can you ask for a refund on something because it didn't suit your tastes? Would you get a refund on an album, because you thought it was rubbish?

Former Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Strategic Content Director Shahid Ahmad decided to get in on the debate, saying: "If you're getting a refund after playing a game for 50 hours you're a thief.

"Here's the good news: Most players are not thieves. Most players are decent, honest people without whose support there could be no industry."

"We're not talking about a consumer product in the factory sense. We're talking about a work of art. You can't just treat it like a widget. As a customer and a player before I was ever a developer, I'd only have asked for my money back if the game was broken at boot time."

"I have no dog in this race. Just my 2p. I've been a dev, a pub and a funder for decades, and a player for longer than all of that."

Steam have said on the No Man's Sky's page: “The standard Steam refund policy applies to No Man's Sky. There are no special exemptions available."

As we've seen in the past, prodding and poking at gamers usually ends up in a lot of headaches for people in the industry, so this is not an issue that's going to be cleared up any time soon.

We'll keep an eye on it.

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