No jetpacks yet, but a bowling alley in every home is almost here

For scores of people, there’s no better use of the Nintendo Wii than the bowling game in Wii Sports. Good news – there’s an improved version of it on its way later in the year, as part of the all-new Wii Sports Resort.

Better still, you’ll be able to enhance your game play no end by using one of these – a Wii Bowling Ball. The Wiimote is fastened inside the thing and then the player uses it like a real bowling ball, putting their fingers in the three finger holes (not shown in pic)

As our local bowling alley charges a fiver a game at peak time, this has to be the way forward. Hopefully it’ll be just the first in a long line of bowling accessories. We’ll be needing the geeky shoes and a hairnet like Jesus the pervert (below) from The Big Lebowski next please.

There’s no release date or pricing info as yet, but if you do get one of these, for God’s sake don’t let go of it while you’re taking your shot.



  • -> H.
    Don't get Munsonned then will you.
  • Pure-Klenz
    When are they releasing a suit that mimics your movement so I can walk down the street on my Wii...
  • DJNG22
    what a pointless piece of shit, get off your ass and get down to the local AMF bowling if you want the real thing, what next?
  • -> H.
    I see it is teathered, so if the dumb asses let go of it and it smashes their 72" LCD, they can't sue Nintendo for being such a fucking numpty!
  • Tina B.
    There are three different finishes of bowling balls; Soft finish, hard finish and a finish in the middle of soft and hard. Balls with a soft finish have a firmer grip on the lane as opposed to harder ones. If the bowler is buying a single ball then a ball with soft finish is recommended.

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