Nintendo Wii Sued £3 Million for Flying Wiimote Smashing Family TV

Some things in life, like good eggs and ham, just go well together.  And Japanese video game giant Nintendo's other half appears to be... litigation.

Bitterwallet discovered that over the past few years, Nintendo has had a somewhat impressive line-up of lawsuits.  It appears in fact, that with every major invention those Japanese smartie-brains invent or breakthrough, a new case gets initiated. Take this unofficial Bitterwallet sample list summarized in chronological order:
  • 1983 MCA Vs. Nintendo over Donkey Kong game
  • 1987-1991(?) Nintendo Vs. Blockbuster Entertainment over photocopying of NES manuals
  • 1988 Nintendo Vs. Camerica Ltd. over clones of NES Advantage
  • 1989 Nintendo Vs. Camerica Ltd. over violation of patents in creating the Game Genie for the NES
  • 1989 Nintendo Vs. Tengen over patent violations
  • 1989 Nintendo Vs. Tengen over who had the legal right to sell Tetris
  • 1990 Nintendo Vs. Color Dreams over producing NES games without an official license
  • 1991 New York State Vs. Nintendo over illegal monopoly on the video game market.
  • 1994 Alpex Computer Corp. Vs. Nintendo with the former claiming the NES infringed on their patents
  • 1995 Nintendo Vs. Samsung Electronics over spread of illegally produced counterfeit cartridges
  • 1997 Nintendo Vs. Games City over selling and advertising of CDs of pirated Nintendo software.
  • 1997 Nintendo Vs. Prima Publishing over allegedly copying a screenshot map of the N64 game
  • 1999 Nintendo Vs. Bung Enterprises Ltd. over alleged backup devices for the Game Boy, SNES and N64 violating Nintendo's copyright
  • 2000 Ali Uri Geller Vs. Nintendo - famous spoon bending psychic alledged that Pokemon character Kadabra is based on his own character

Notice how the Wii is missing from that list?  Well, no more, all thanks to a pissed off Colorado mother who recently filed a £3 million class-action lawsuit against them.  According to The [Game Daily], her son smashed their 52-inch Samsung television with a Wii controller playing virtual bowling.  Why?  Because the wrist strap attached to the controller is "ineffective for its intended use", causing it to fly out of the user's hand.  Nintendo's fault, obviously.  Wiight.

Considering that Nintendo has changed the version of the strap three times already since Wii launched in 2006, this may put off a few parents from buying their kids Wiis this Christmas.


  • Helgrrr
    Where do you get those £3 million pound televisions, and why isnt there one on Boffer
  • jah
    Ali Geller, famous spoon-bender? Surely thats meant to be Uri.... I don't know, these copy and paste jobs...
  • Andy D.
    I was in the process of editing that as you posted your comment Jah! Thought Vince had got away with it! I'll have to re-edit it now...
  • jah
    No chance. Too slow!
  • Vince V.
  • rugger t.
    she's taking the wii . .
  • Adam
    Another fat ass american sues because of her own stupidity. Man if we brits sued over every little thing the country was stop moving. Use your house insurance women and save yourself the hassle.
  • funalot
    the country has stopped moving!
  • Mike H.
    "Considering that Nintendo has changed the version of the strap three times already since Wii launched in 2006, this may put off a few parents from buying their kids Wiis this Christmas." Not if they're going to make £3M, less the price of the TV What the feck was Uri smoking when he came up with that one? Probably ate to many cocco-pops sprinkled with coke whilst watching Ant and Decs SM:TV, what a pillock.
  • Mark
    I accidentally picked up the Wii console and smashed it repeatedly into my own face. Think I'll sue now because Nintendo didn't put any 'dumb fuck' protection on the console.
  • Mike H.
    Do Nintendo really need to remind you you are a "Dumb F**k" Mark? Surely people tell you every day, even when you see that person in the mirror.
  • Sharon
    wat aload of rubbish is obvious that the son did not bother to put the strap on properly! blame the parents!
  • Bav
    I heard about this, the the americans thought as long as you strap you can throw the remote and let go, the strap is clearly not deigned for that, it is designed when the remote accidentally slips out of your hand, its a precaution, not for brain damaged idiot americans who just chuck the remote at the TV and hope for the best!!!!!!
  • Bobby
    A 3 million pound telly i want to see one i have never seen one that high in my life.
  • x
    stupid bitch and her retard son. i bet she tried to sue when her stupid son bashed another idiots head in because the sleeve "comes off easily. p.s im american and ashamed to exist with those idiots.
  • anon
    i hope u dumbfucks spent the money well your reterd son will eventually blow up the house and kill you all because cars dont have booklets like wiis to warn you of accidents like drenching it in gasoline and fire juggling in the back seat
  • anon2
    sue the hospital for your child being born stupid
  • me
    its attached to this idiots arm... what kind of force did this idiot lob it
  • lol
    uri and unamed retard birthing gheto lawsuit file-ing mother need to lay off the wiid

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