Nintendo - why you won't see a 3D Wii

3dIt's about time - somebody else has seen through the hollow bullshit of 3D. Yes, it's everywhere at the cinema this summer, but the cinema is a place you go to once or twice a month; the experience is a novelty in itself, so we're susceptible to accept adhoc experiences like 3D, or paying £4 for a hot dog.

Every hour you're sat in front of the TV, though? Bollocks. 3D televisions are a fad. Nintendo agree. Games designer Shigeru Miyamoto has said it's unlikely the company’s next console will be 3D:

"One reason Wii is indeed so successful is because most people do not have any HDTV equipment and know how to appreciate what the Wii offers.

The Nintendo 3DS is possible because it is a portable console and it works without 3D glasses. For the living room, consumers would need a 3D TV and it will take some time before enough households have 3D TVs."

So that's that knackered, then. And despite Microsoft encroaching on the Wii's territory with Kinect launching later this year, Miyamoto confirmed that there will not be a new console to replace the Wii anytime soon.



  • Alexis
    Yes, but Nintendo don't even care about the graphics. The Wii has the same graphical capabilities as a Commodore 64.
  • Tsung
    That's unfair Alexis,as we all know the Commodore 64 had some amazing graphics.
  • Rolly
    [email protected] Tsung - nice!!
  • Howard M.
    Yeah, the Wii can't handle monster graphics showcases like Alice in Wonderland, Bruce Lee and Monty on the Run!
  • the r.
    i think were all being a bit sceptical! people are made aware its a novelty for the latest film or what have you! 3d has been around for 70 years and finally they are recording films with 2 lens capability on a wider scale and producing them onto blu ray discs! lets see how the next few months go before we start a 3d vendetta. i look forward to seeing this page when they release holographic tv. This will be 5-10 years though!
  • Ten B.
    [...] Nintendo – why you won’t see a 3D Wii [...]

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