Nintendo to revive itself by making you healthy

Nintendo have been losing money and seen their stocks falling, so it looked for all the world like they were going to sell Mario off to other platforms so stay relevant.

However, it seems that they've got a plan. Whether it is a good one or not, we'll just have to wait and see. Nintendo are going to focus on making themselves vital to those who want to get healthy at home.

At a meeting for investors and the media, CEO Satoru Iwata pointed toward Nintendo's future, saying that the company plan to create a third platform to accompany the Wii U and 3DS.

"What Nintendo will try to achieve in the next 10 years is a platform business that improves people’s [quality of life] in enjoyable ways,” said Iwata.


Basically, while other platforms focus on video games which are designed to distract, Nintendo will go all out into their world of Wii Fit, Brain Age and the like.

"As those who are already suffering from illness can seek medical care, our new business domain would… enable people to monitor their health,” Iwata said. “However, what is generally good for health requires some kind of effort to be made by the individual, and… it is sometimes difficult to stay focused and engaged, and it is not uncommon to give up after a few days.”

“This is where our strength as an entertainment company to keep our consumers engaged and entertained comes into play,” he added.

Looks like Nintendo hope to sell devices to people who wouldn't normally buy a console and more at the keep-fit DVD and self-help market. It's a lucrative sector as well, so if Nintendo pull this off, they could be getting spikes of sales during the post-Christmas comedown every year.


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