Nintendo to meet with retailers to try and stop the rot

22 March 2013

Struggling Nintendo have finally acknowledged that the Wii U is floundering and have vowed to implement a new strategy in a bid to generate some interest in their newest device.

One of the big problems of the Wii U is a lack of games available to play on it, with virtually no titles available from last Christmas to now. 3 months in gaming is a lifetime, especially when there are so many other distractions online and there's games to be played on tablets and smartphones.

Nintendo is working to launch a raft of new games this week and retailers have been trying to flog the next-gen console at discount prices to get things moving. However, things aren't progressing quickly enough and retailers have reportedly been reducing their Wii U orders, which is why the company is planning to win back some hearts and minds.

Speaking to games retail industry site MCV, Nintendo said: "We’ll be speaking to our retailers directly over the next few weeks to take them through our plans for building Wii U momentum over the course of 2013."

"We have a strong and broad line-up of software launching this year and we look forward to updating – and exciting – our partners over the coming weeks."

However, the problem is that customers aren't ready for a next-gen gaming. The leap in quality from each console thus far, has been huge. Looking at the PS3, Xbox and Wii, there's still life left in those devices and the new crop don't seem to offer much more, like in previous years.

Nintendo will inevitably have to offer Mario and Zelda to other platforms to stay in business, but are we looking at the death of the console as we know it?

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  • Zleet
    The problem with Wii U is that it's shit. The original Wii has the gimmick of allowing you to jump around like a loon with family or friends but the Wii U doesn't have anything new in that, so it's just a second rate console. If they had of pushed it as a Wii with HD graphics rather than showing off the pointless tablet controller maybe more people would have cared. All they needed was a Wii 2 that had HD output, was backwards compatible with Wii games but had updated exclusives in HD with better movement controls. Stick a webcam type thing in the sensor bar so kids can take their pictures to place in games and you're set. Release new HD Zelda and Mario games to please the superfans and you couldn't fail.
  • Avon B.
    What's the point of talking to retailers? Nintendo's customers (kids) hear news and reviews from each other, not from shops. Then they nag their parents to buy the console their mates are raving about, and the parents buy it online. Just ask Game.
  • Roge
    there was one game of note - zombiU at launch and that got poor reviews need to get some good games out before I think about it - 'proper' mario game, zelda, pikmin, starfox etc everyone who bought a wii knows it was just gathering dust most of the time because of lack of good games whereas my xbox360 is still going strong (which is another problem as everyone is happy as they are now so dont really want to buy a new console)
  • Chewbacca
    Good to see it's dying already. Gimmicks and motion control are not the way forward.
  • Mr M.
    Was there not a mario/zelda game on release or is that a bit obvious for the head honchos.
  • PaulS
    Customers aren't ready for next gen? More likely that customers can't afford next gen due to this recession thingy everyone is always talking about. The WiiU has perhaps not sold as well as hoped but like every single console launch after the initial buzz and sell out comes the sales slump waiting for the next batch of games to be released. Save this article and use find and replace to swap out Nintendo with Sony/Microsoft and WiiU with PS4/Xbox 720 and repost next year. You could almost class it as an original article then Mof.
  • Anders
    to quote a lack of games ridiculous, Wii U launched with probably the largest line up of games of any console, it's only been out 3 months and already some big new games have since been released. If Wii U is not shifting then PS4 and 720 are in huge trouble as they will cost a lot more with significant extra spend required for additional controllers, online play etc. Can't believe people are so down on the Wii U, I have owned pretty much every console since the Atari and this is the first console that feels like it has everything.
  • Roge
    Anders - most of those games are just ones you can get on any console batman, mass effect, call of duty etc the games to showcase the new tech were zombiU 4.5/10 and nintendoland 8/10 new super mario bros is just another revamp - i played that game a million times before hardly a stellar line-up to spend £300 on at launch
  • Kevin
    @PaulS people will buy nice expensive gadgets whatever the state of the economy. In fact we want them to of course but people will still by 'the thing' if they feel it is worthwhile. There are a certain % of people who are living on the breadline, but then there is a larger % that are not. I'd say they're not ready as there is no need for it rather than not being able to afford it. Not wanting to spend money on something new doesn't mean they can't afford it but that they don't consider it worthwhile. I have a Wii, hardly use it but if I wanted to I could just load it back up again. I don't need the new elements, same with my PS3, used mainly as a blu-ray player I don't need to upgrade it for all the shiny new graphics etc.
  • Liam
    Nintendo would be better off ditching the Wii U Pad and bundle a classic controller instead. Develop an app for it to work with all tablets and smartphones and perhaps get third party hardware to create special cases which add the physical controls. They could then easily sell the Wii U aggressively against the Xbox and PS3. They need to do it quick with the Xbox 3 and PS4 around the corner.
  • yak
    Leave gaming news to gaming websites please
  • Darren
    @ANDERS but thats because your a gaming nut, every gaming nut probably bought this console and thats where the sales have come from... like the first post said, Kids bought wii from talking with friends and playground chatter... not from retailers and the Wii U was just under launched, under promoted, they concentrated more on the control pad than the console... They have tried to enter the 360/ps3 market which in fairness is just dominated by these 2... £200 with no games or a 360 with kinect and 2 games for a lot less with a huge library of Games... or a WII for less than £50.... its almost the IPAD MINI syndrome, why buy the bigger ipad when the little one is cooler, now they struggle to sell the IPAD 3... same here, why buy the WII U when the WII is cheaper and better... ok not graphically, but what kids are gonna notice that when everyone has one!
  • Marcus
    "Nintendo will inevitably have to offer Mario and Zelda to other platforms to stay in business" Ahahaha, tell another one. Nintendo have previously announced that if they were to go down, they'd take their franchises with them. Furthermore, SEGA didn't give Sonic to the current 'big three' until they dropped out of the hardware business, so why would Nintendo? As previously stated, leave it to the websites that specialise in gaming please.
  • Boomshaw
    We arent witnessing the death of consoles. Nintendo just made the mistake of releasing their console too early. The machine is comparable to existing consoles. With the true next gen around the corner, hardcore gamers are waiting to see what sony and microsoft produce. The wii u doesnt compare to the wii in terms of casual gamers appeal. If nintendo really wanted to win back the hardcore gamers they lost from the wii, then they arent going the right way about it. Btw, nintendo are a cash rich company and have billions in the bank. They wont be going the way of sega anytime soon. Arguably they should, but iwata their ceo is an old skool player who wants to stay in manafavturing consoles
  • Marky M.
    I'm still waiting for some new games to come out for my Intellivision.
  • noshit
    Strong home grown whilst playing Super Bomberman (SNES) and having my dick sucked by my Japanese girlfriend. Those were the days. Getting a bit carried away there, I think it was Super Mario Kart on battle mode. I dropped green shell out the back on your red ........sweet.
  • Colin
    £300, there's better things to spend your money on.
  • TDR
    "If Wii U is not shifting then PS4 and 720 are in huge trouble" No, they are next generation consoles that everyone + dog are waiting for. Wii-U is the last of the current generation, is 6 years late to the party, costs more, has far fewer games and therefore no one cares....
  • TDR
    "this is the first console that feels like it has everything." - didn't Sony already bring out a glow-in-the-dark dildo attachment?
  • Marly M.
    "Struggling HUKD have finally acknowledged that the Bitterwallet website is floundering and have vowed to implement a new strategy in a bid to generate some interest in their consumer blog. One of the big problems of the Bitterwallet website is a lack of interesting, readable stories with virtually no quality content, mainly due to the ongoing employment of freelancers who post press releases. 3 months without a decent article is a lifetime, especially when there are so many porn websites online and there’s games to be played on tablets and smartphones." That's how I read it, anyway.
  • noshit
    And by 'girlfriend' I mean my mum, obviously
  • noshit
    haha, i think she was your Mum judging by her ginger beard & her stutter.

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