Nintendo announce new streamlined Wii

WiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiNintendo have today announced that they will be bringing to the market (before Christmas) a new streamlined Wii. Just what Nintendo fans have been screaming out for since 2006.

What is so different? Well, it is smaller than that massive, chunky white monstrosity sitting in your living room which you current use as a book end. It also doesnt have the ability to play Gamecube games and is not compatible with the old school controller. We therefore expect it to come to the market at a very competitive price.

Exciting times for gamers what with an announcement from Sony yesterday that they will be cutting the price of their PS3 and also a announcing a cheaper PSP.

Intrigued? Take a look here.


  • Dave
    Is this article meant to be sarcastic..I cant imagine anyone genuinely finds this exciting or intriguing. The Wii was already pretty small in comparison to the other consoles..seems pretty pointless.
  • TechLogon
    Maybe just me but looks exactly the same as the old one - just without the vertical stand? On the subject of fugly design, if they made them all black you could at least hide it amongst AV stuff...

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