Nintendo announce 3D version of DS - no glasses required!

Hang about long enough these days and you’re sure to come across a new, improved version of Nintendo’s wildly successful DS hand-held gaming gizmo. Whoosh – here comes another one, enhanced with the feature du jour of 2010, 3D-ness.


Better still, the Nintendo 3DS will function without the need for those unwieldy spectacles that make us all look like we’re part of a Peters & Lee tribute band (one for the teenagers there).

The 3DS will be released in Japan in twelve months time with no US or UK release dates announced as yet. But, it will be backwards-compatible with the Nintendo DS and DSi.

Wired tell us that: “glasses-free 3-D uses a lenticular screen (it’s covered with an array of tiny vertical lenses) to direct different images to each eye. It works, but only if you hold your head in the right position,” something which is more applicable to a handheld games machine user than the average telly watcher.

Nintendo will show off their little 3D miracle machine at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles in June. In the meantime, the new giant DSi XL is taking the world by storm. A bit.


  • Dave
    Are they re-releasing the virtual boy again !!! . A feel a flop coming on !!!
  • stuart
    i REALLY cant see the point of having 3D on a handheld, especially something with such lack of graphical power! i'd rather nintendo push more umph (the technical term! LOL) into the new DS, make it a gamers console & not a kids. but thats not the way nintendo do it. i'm more intrested in a new PSP & an expanding of games being playable on PSP & PS3 just like the PSP minis are. that would help sales of PSPs no end!
  • Nobby
    So it will look like the 3D toys that used to be given away in cereal packets.
  • stuart
    I know I said I was more interested in a new PSP, but I was just being silly. Sorry.
  • crazybadger
    Bit early for April fools joke. (might be the first time ever Bitterwallet has got a story early, rather than late! unless of course this was meant as an April fools joke for last year...
  • Wonky H.
    I bet crazy badger bums foxes
  • stuart
    WTF?!!!! the post at 11:38am by "stuart" is not me! what a sad sad life that person must lead!
  • Nintendo B.
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  • personal v.
    with others. You made it a lot easier to understand and you have discussed

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