Nintendo 3DS gets a health warning for children

nintendo-3ds3D is the snake oil of 21st century entertainment. Enjoy the cinematic experience, but would rather it was several shades too dark to enjoy properly? Want to patch up that lazy, ten-thumbed plot by forcing the audience to wear glasses? Need to a new gimmick to flog your home television subscriptions?

Nintendo are also keen to reinvent their Nintendo DS with three-dimensional nonsense, and so world awaits the Nintendo 3DS - the console that promises a 3D gaming experience without the glasses.

But there's a hitch. While the console is due to hit the shelves of Japan next month, the manufacturers have had to issue an advisory notice to the parents of young children. A health warning has appeared on Nintendo's Japanese website to state:

"There is a possibility that 3D images which send different images to the left and right eye could affect the development of vision in small children."

Parents have been told that children under six years old should only play games in 2D mode - and the same goes for adults who feel ill while using the console.

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  • Bored
    Fascinating article. Are you sure you are quoting correctly? "tot he left and right eye "... do you mean to the left and right eye ?
  • Jax
    But more importantly where is the advisory statement that the DS is infact bollox?
  • Missed b.
    Which is exactly the same advice that Sony and Toshiba have issued about their 3D devices...
  • The S.
    Well picked up 'Missed a bit', poorly researched article (probably pulled from another source)
  • darkspark88
    I'd be wary about all 3d at the moment, there isn't much research into the eyestrain looking at depth on these tiny devices causes. When you read normally you read at one depth and your eyes can focus properly on the content. With 3d eyes have to make minute changes to depth constantly, like being on a moving vehicle which also spoils eyes.
  • Paul S.
    Lads, sober up. You're back at work tomorrow.
  • q-bert
    Yeah, it is basically the same 3d warning most major manufacturers issue. Not really news. Besides, what 6 year old can appreciate 3d from dead straight on anyway!
  • -]
    "Enjoy the cinematic experience, but would rather it was several shades too dark to enjoy properly?" Most people have the brightness and contrast set way too high, a bit of "darkness" helps the image look closer to how it should.
  • Tim
    The vast majority of 3D content is gimmick anyway, and even a cheat. Most 3D live action films are conversions from 2D. Avatar is an exception but even then the entire film is purely a 3D showcase gimmick, regardless of how much Jim rants on about it not being (spouts on about he's not doing the cheap in your face 3D gimmicks, and yet does precisely that!). Plot? Yeah, just a rehash of poca-frigging-hontas. What does Sky have on their 3D channel? Nothing but gimmicks. Even Attenborough's effort is a gimmick. Not a proper nature documenatary, just another waste of money CGI dinosaur effort. Go out with a 3D camera and film some bloody penguins FFS and leave the CGI computer at home! 3D games have potential, but not on the DS. Xbox 3D would be excellent for first person games.

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