Nintendo 3DS consoles go AWOL from Amazon

nintendo-3ds The Nintendo 3DS was launched earlier today. Something about how if you look through it, everything seems to be 3D and that. Costs more than the last big thing. But, ultimately, hugely impressive. Unless you’re an Amazon customer who pre-ordered one – because yours probably hasn’t arrived yet.

Amazon have been trumpeting the 3DS as their most pre-ordered console of all time but scores of punters are complaining that the thing hasn’t arrived – even though they paid for expediated delivery. Games for the thing are being delivered as usual, but for many, they’ve got nothing to play them on.

A Eurogamer reader, who chose to call himself ‘Terry’ said: “Many of the people who ordered it by expedited delivery had selected to have it delivered to a work address, etc, in the belief that it would be delivered on the promised date – instead it looks like the consoles will be delivered on Saturday, when many people’s workplaces will be completely empty. It’s appalling that so many people are being fobbed off like this.”

Has YOUR Nintendo 3DS gone AWOL? How furious are you on a scale of 1-10? What are you doing instead? Watching telly? Bummer.


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  • Tweedskin
    I know it's a sunny Friday afternoon, but you couldn't even be bothered to find a picture of an actual 3DS?! Shame on you...

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