New Xbox console won't have a disc drive in it

xbox It’s been mooted for a while but it looks as though the next Microsoft console (rumoured to be called the Xbox 720) definitely won’t have a disc drive as part of its parts, if that makes sense. Popular computing website MCV has been informed of this, with Microsoft informing the necessary parties under a super-strict non-disclosure agreement – one that evidently hasn’t worked.

Word is that although there’ll be no built-in disc drive, compatibility with some kind of ‘interchangeable solid-state card storage’ will be on offer. The other juicy piece of info is that a 2013 launch date has been confirmed for the new console.

All of which looks pretty grim news for bricks and mortar gaming retailers such as Game and Gamestation (who are already in the throes of what could be seen as a fire sale). What do they do when there aren’t any games to sell on shiny discs and in plastic boxes? To be honest, we’re becoming a little bit frightened of The Future.


  • Head
    It will use fox based media.
  • DragonChris
    Will watch this space - if they make the prices a mandatory £30/£40 for all games, then we're fucked - and then I'll go to Sony :(
  • DragonChris
    And if Sony does the same, it'll be on to PC...
  • Milky
    Well that's fucking pointless then! ..a good chunk of the ownership is in order to play films on, hook projectors up to etc, do you trust the hard drive storage not to fuck your films up, or to not suffer from lag due to choked memory!? not all of us want to be on fucking xbox live & cloud store our schmutter. FFS microsoft fail, ..if that's the case then i'll just quit their system now & use a fricking computer. asshole fuckwit bell-ends! (Yes, you Bill Gates you cockless wonder)
  • Milky
    Daddy daddy, buy me this xbox game it's fantastic! Is it on disc? No. Well Bill gates inc is £30 poorer, & you've given me a reason to quit gaming & tell you to fuck off outside & get a life... Me!?, ....back to the internet porn!
  • Jeebus
    Not shocked but any poor fucker who's got shares in GAME might as well top themselves now, if they hadn't already that is. Having said, I fucking hope they plan on altering their full game download pricing strategy if they plan on making the next Xbox a success, especially if the rumours of a Valve console are true and if internet speeds actually make On-live a viable alternative. Otherwise, pretty much like DragonChris, MS can fuck right off.
  • Sicknote
    It's a very dangerous game to play when you consider how many of the console customers source their existing media from second hand / used sources and the like. We have four consoles in my house and may buy 2 or 3 copies of a title because the kids share; is that at risk in the future?
  • Mad H.
    There's a typo in the headline - should be "New Xbox console won’t have a disc drive, innit"
  • Boomshaw
    To be honest i wouldnt even trust this article because the writer is still quoting it as "xbox 720" when microsoft have already given it a codename of "Durango" like two weeks ago. But yea, heavy emphasis on digital distribution is inevitable.
  • klingelton
    It worked for steam. Fucking luddites!
  • Dick
    So will I be able to use my old ZX spectrum tapes in it?
  • Head
    I bet both the next xbox and ps will used sd cards or something on those lines with drm encyption. both sony and ms are against the 2nd hand market for games.
  • Deed
    I like the way that, other than linking the original article, there's no mention that this is all rumour/speculation. Only here have I read that the new Xbox 'definitely' won't have a disc drive.
  • klingelton
    It's on the internet. What more proof do you need? Next you will be saying wikipedia is 90% made up, or that all statistics are tosh.
  • bartelbe
    So no more second hand games. Microsoft will be able to charge £40-50 for everything, making this console utterly useless.
  • Tweedskin
    @Milky Bill Gates is merely the chairman and not in charge of Xbox development. You're beef is with either Steve Ballmer or Larry Hyrb - you complete and utter ring sausage.
  • Silverfox1264
    The UK had better get the broadband speeds storted out as my speed is shit. Who is going to want to wait ages to download a game. It's bad enough getting updates on the PS3.
  • Dogturd A.
    @Head. How the fuck are you going to shove a fox in to a games console? Then again, there may well be plenty of the furry little buggers looking for somewhere to hide, due to the popularity of fox hunting on Downton fucking Abbey.
  • The J.
    I told you we would win. Rental model is next - £10 per month for new releases falling over time depending on demand. Probably do some of that Fremium stuff too (suckers!) All of your base belong to Apple (I'm buying Microsoft in a few years)
  • Boris
    @Abi It is indeed difficult to shove a fox into the console; especially the slim PS3. However after much experimentation I have found that if you point the fox towards the console and kneel behind with your torso above the fox's back and give a thrusting style push from the hips you can make steady progress.
  • Mr S.
    My uncle has 'visions' when he touches things. Last week he touched Bill Gates nads while at the swimming baths. He saw that the new console will be called the xBox1080, will have 7gb of rams, firewire and run on chip fat, and be chrome with a groove on it to smear snotters. My uncle is in fact fictional, i require more medication, and i have wasted everyone's time by writing this gibberish nonsense. I profusely apologise in advance of the proceeding fury!
  • Zleet
    I predict MS will release this to a worldwide shrug and possibly meh. A year or so will pass and Apple will release pretty much the same thing but in a shinier case called something like the iBox and people will fall to their knees weeping at how visionary Apple is and MS will cry itself to sleep at night.
  • Joff
    As it has always been, hardware doesn't determine success, killer apps do. If apps are delivered in a way that prohibits a significant percentage of their customer base then it will make the hardware unpopular and ultimately, a failure. Also, I use my Xbox to view the two DVDs I own. Without DVD playing capabilities how will I ever watch Brokeback Mountain or Pretty Woman: Directors Cut ever again? Screw you Steve Developers Ballmer.
  • The J.
    You are an idiot Zleet - we will do no such thing. We will be releasing a much more expensive and less powerful device called the iScreen. It will be available in both shiny black and shiny white and all content will come from iTunes. There will be no controller because you are all rubbish players. Instead you will be able to watch our North Korean expert players and pretend that it was you to all of your mates through Twitter integration. Many of my fans will die from the pure magicalness of it all and they will join Me in Heaven.
  • Deano
    But will it still RROD every two months? That's the main selling point for me, having my console out of the house every so often being repaired
  • The J.
    iScreen ... youScreen ... We all scream for iScreen! iScreen ... youScreen ... We all scream for iScreen
  • Paul
    I here the follow up to the Iscreen will be the Iwank with Apple asking are you an Iwanker?
  • The J.
    That would be an "iScreen" Paul. The lower case "i" is significant (as are the two "e"s). It's nice to here your ideas though. We never ask our users anything. Why should we? We know what's best for them. Collectively we call them "The Saved" for they are truly blessed by the automatic versioning system at the heart of OS X Mountain Lion and embedded into the iCloud.
  • Mike H.
    I wonder what will happen to all the computer game shops? What's that? Oh, right.
  • Mustapha S.
    Superb move by MS. They've seen the steam business model - which is excellent, and as long as they offer lower prices than normal and regular sales I think they're on to a winner. They'll also offer renting as well.
  • sdp
    I hope this isn't true. My 512kbps broadband will effectively mean I can't own a console.
  • Keith
    "Superb move by MS. They’ve seen the steam business model – which is excellent" Unfortunately, they haven't, they've glanced at it, then seen that Gabe Newell just joined the Billionaire's club, and want a piece of that market. Sadly, they have zero concept of what makes Steam work, minimal DRM, decent pricing, sensible rules, great sales, quality support for indie devs, mods, etc. They're just thinking "Great, we can carry on charging £50 a title, but no third party costs or 'preowned' market to compete against!" For an example, see the PS Vita release, where it's actually cheaper to order all the release titles on Amazon as delivered games, than order them thru the Vita E-store. Also, charging £40 for 99p iphone games, nice move, but eventually even the dimmest of customers is going to learn to type things into google before they buy them. I just don't think companies can rely on idiots buying overpriced tat forever. The PS Vita brought up another important point if they want to move to an online only digital distribution platform. Storage costs. At present, you're looking at around £75 for a 32gb Vita card, or about £15 for a 32gb standard SD card. That means if you 'buy' a game that's 4gb, you have to factor in an extra £10 on the cost for the space you need to buy to store it. This is like being charged to sit in McDonald's after you've bought your happy meal. If I was in charge, I'd not be trying to profit on stupid new formats for storage, I'd be making them cheap, so that people didn't have to think about whether they can afford to store the games as well as buy them. They'll also need to remember there's huge chunks of the planet not on broadband, or on broadband with stupid usage limits like 2gb downloads a month. They now can't buy any games, you've just shut out a whole new set of customers. This could be where brick n mortat stores offer a service, for a few quid you take in your memory card and they'll download your purchases for you, or combine the services, you buy in store thru a screen and hand over your card and they'll load it up. No need for internets.
  • Keith
    "Also, I use my Xbox to view the two DVDs I own." Don't worry about that, they'll happily sell you the stuff you own all over again in a new format, along with all the 360 games you liked and can't play on the new system.
  • Ian
    It will have a blu-ray drive. FACT.

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