New Xbox and Playstation consoles to be announced in June


Strap on your safety equipment! The next generation of consoles are coming! UK games industry boffins MCV are claiming to be ‘in the know’ and they’re saying that both the brand new Xbox AND PlayStation consoles will be shown off at the popular E3 gaming pow-wow in June.

MCV's online editor Ben Parfitt said: "Obviously we can't reveal our sources. But you have my personal word on this - the source is exemplary, 100% concrete, ultra high level.” Which is one step up from ‘the bloke in the pub’ and is therefore more than good enough for us.

Having subsequently spoken to the bloke in the pub, we are led to believe that it won’t be a complete reveal of the consoles, but rather an announcement with a few hints about features. The announcements will also serve as a distraction from Nintendo’s Wii U, which is expected to be shown off along with a release date and pricing info at E3.

Better start saving up for one, two or all three of the new consoles then… although the bloke in the pub says he can get us all of them next week for just £400.


  • Peter
    Well i hope on this next xbox console the have a blu-ray drive on it
  • Sicknote
    By the time the new XBOX comes along Bluray will be a thing of the past - with streaming available today who is going to buy a Bluray disc
  • You
    @Sicknote - Everyone on Talk Talk.
  • JJ
    @Sicknote Most (sensible) people. You can get hold of Blurays for less than a fiver delivered but download-to-own prices are still 1.5-3x more expensive and are inferior quality.
  • Mike H.
    The Wii U looks fucking wank, what the fuck, is the point of the handheld thing?
  • Liam
    The Wii needs an update for sure. The Wii U so far looks underwhelming and that tablet is just a missed opportunity. Microsoft when it releases a new console should look to bundle Kinnect 2 and take away the casual gaming market. If rumours are right about Microsoft releasing a console without the optical drive, then it should still offer games via streaming like OnLive. I can't see where Sony can go with the PS4. Although it is limited in some areas, it totally wipes the floor with the competition.
  • Paul
    can not see Xbox haveing Blue-ray in, and have to pay sony money to use the technology. i think they be useing memery sticks or download stright to you xbox
  • Stu_
    @Liam in our house, we have 3 x 360s and 2 x Wiis. If I'm honest, I'd say "Casual Gaming" market probably overwhelms us. But the fact that I bought my 360s for sub £100 says that I will, because I can. And since my DVD player broke (I don't use it much, have a Media Streamer) my 360 doubles up as that. I appreciate that there are many gaming geeks out there (I'm a geek, just not a gaming one), but by offering an entry-level model, it appeals to everyone. Now if you want a Kinnect and all the other bits and bobs, by all means go add them on. Oh and the adult 360 hardly gets used for gaming. We use it for Sky and so on.
  • tin
    "Microsoft when it releases a new console should look to bundle Kinnect 2 and take away the casual gaming market" LOL that market that Nintendo targetted while MS and Sony looked on laughing their tits off?

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