New PlayStation Phone video shows off actual gaming delights

Here’s the latest info-leak regarding the almost-certainly-completely-definitely upcoming PlayStation Phone – some actual real video of the thing in action. And Sweet Fancy Moses, the Xperia Play (as they’re calling it) is seen here playing PS1 games.

Look upon its splendour PlayStation fans and if you’re due for a phone upgrade in the near future, think on as to whether you’d fancy lugging one of these babies around with you or not…



  • Shooter M.
    Ooooo PS1 games....might be interesting if you can get ISS working on it
  • kv
    looks worse that the N-Gage
  • MrRobin
    It looks terrible! With smart phones such as iPhone being able to deliver top notch games with impressive graphics and addictive gameplay, devices like this from Sony are dead in the water already.
  • Mark C.
    Doesn't look terrible to me - they look like PS1 games except smaller, so obviously they have graphics from that era. I haven't examined the specs in detail, but I doubt the graphics shown above are pushing the limitations of what that gizmo can do. I suspect there will be plenty of games released that match the graphics of other smartphones, and I doubt gameplay will be a problem, as it will no doubt receive ports of all the same popular games as other phones (plus a proper-ish control pad will make many of them a lot easier to play). I'm just hoping they've sorted out their phone reliability since the last Sony Ericsson I bought...
  • Phil
    After how much SE messed up the X10 and dumped development of it after only 8 months (when the similar age HTC desire is still regularly updated) - You'd be a fool to buy this!

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