Never say never, it's shocking fun for all the family

We looked for some sort of date stamp that pegged this as an April Fool, but we couldn't find one. The Strongest Shocking Duel is real, apparently, a game Maximillian Largo himself would be proud to play (ten Bitterwallet points if you spot the reference, avid movie fans).

There are plenty of novelty games that offer quick, sharp jolts to unsuspecting players, but we've not seen one that slowly cooks the two combatants until the other gives in:

Bitterwallet - The Strongest Shocking Duel

So terrifying in fact, the retailers are scared of using the correct spelling themselves:

SHOCING DUEL! How Long can you hang on? A Great Party Fun Game. The First Person to let go of the shock handles is the WIMP! It brings EXTREME FUN to your party, family and office!

Still, it'll keep the kids quiet for a while. Or longer.



  • Mr G.
    Maximillian Largo was Number One in SPECTRE in the James Bond movie Never Say Never Again. I claim my 10 Bitterwallet points and elect to redeem them for a weekend of hot sex with the Bitterwallet office gerbil.
  • robstar
    haha, wiki fail. Largo was number 2. Blofeld was number 1. Although you can keep the hot gerbil sex, im a more of a chipmunk man.
  • Honest Q.
    8 Mile
  • Andy B.
  • Honest Q.
  • Nobby
    Is the answer Kim Basinger's strap-on? She killed Largo, and this looks like her sex toys.
  • Klingelton
    i have 1 question. where can i buy one. This game looks a hoot and would go down a treat in my office!
  • Nobby
    The answer is in the story. Or make one yourself, you just need a few pieces of metal, some wire and two live plug sockets (for the two player version).
  • Mr G.
    @robstar Duff info from the Interweb? Surely impossible
  • robstar
    @Mr Greggles I tried to pass of a wiki article as my own work once, my boss laughed me out the room

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