Need an Xbox 360? There's banned ones going cheap on eBay

xbox_360_systeddm If you’re on the lookout for an affordable Xbox 360, now is the time to take advantage of the bans issued to hundreds of thousands of console owners last week… as long as you’re not bothered about playing online games.

The naughty gamers were found out after playing with modded consoles and those consoles have been kicked off Xbox Live forever, leaving their owners forced to fork out for a new Xbox if they want to get online again.

As a result, scores of them have taken to selling their tainted games machines on eBay, in spite of the online auction house issuing the following warning…

“If you are looking to buy an Xbox 360 on eBay in the near future, ask the seller if it has been banned from Xbox Live and be sure to pay by PayPal in case they lie. If you do get a banned console, start a PayPal claim.”

Sure enough, lots of the banned consoles are turning up on eBay, with their sellers being open and honest about their banned status. And they’re going for an average of about £75, often with some games thrown in, which isn’t bad.

And, because they’re modded, you can play pirated games on them. Not that you’d ever do that because you’re a good honest lot out there. And hell, we’d never condone that sort of thing anyway.


  • Klingelton
    they're selling their x-boxes and buying PS3's i swear it now.
  • Jeffrey A.
    Fuck me - I didn't realise Apple made the Xbox!
  • obvious t.
    I did a search on ebay for "xbox 360 banned" and came up with hardly anything. Is this for real? i'd love to pick up a cheapo 360
    • Andy D.
      It's quiet today, but if you check out the completed listings, there's been a fair few over the past week, with more almost certainly to come.
  • cookie
    They're supposedly all being removed from ebay, so your chances of actually finding one that lasts till the end of the auction are slim. Better off looking for one at a good Buy It Now price.
  • kyalion
    There's prolly more on HUKD than eBay. Use your noodles. Simples.
  • obvious t.
    @kyalion yes there are probably more on HUKD but the price discrepancy between a brand new xbox and a cheap ebay banned one is fairly big. not 'simples'.
  • wonder
    Good as a standalon xbmc unit?
  • johnny
    'obvious troll use your noodle... for sale/trade
  • obvious t.
    @johnny , just did. Nothing in the 1st 4 pages search with 'xbox banned' i gave up.
  • John V.
    No point in pirating stuff when you can rent games, or buy them cheap, complete them and sell them for what you bought them for?
  • Jeffrey A.
    "Need an Xbox 360? There’s banned ones going cheap on eBay" No there's not.
  • casinodancer
    I got banned and took it down to game the next day and got £100 trade in for a new 1 at £ 120 lol
  • Jeffrey A.
    @casinodancer Did you explain in game that it was a banned console?
  • casinodancer
    No as they did not ask!
  • Hi O.
    Why bother? You can buy an unbanned, RROD console off fleabay for around £30, fix it yourself in a couple of hours. Not that I'd recommend buying anything off feeBay anymore, they really are screwing the sellers for everything they can get....
  • xbmc g.
    1. no... there are broken ones, rrod'd consoles and various used but nothing that says banned (i just looked) 2. no, you can not use xbmc on a 360 as it has a completely different graphics chipset implementation that does not work on 360s ps3s or Wiis... there are some proof of concept videos showing xbmc running on a 360 but there is a LOT of emulation going on to even get it to that point and they are not running it natively. if you want to run xbmc on a console pick up an xbox1 for that (but honestly, xbmc works better on an actual PC these days.... just my opinion from using it in windows linux and on an xbox1.
  • John
    now you fools at xbox that banned 600000 + consoles lost over 3 million for live accounts. Now you dont have to buy a new one to raise sales we have other avenues like craigs list get one refurb for 109.00 so sorry Microsoft you lose again.
  • Warwick H.
    Flea Bay advise you to make a claim via PAYPAL if you are sold a banned xbox - and a fat lot of good that will do you, you must be simple minded if you think PAYPAL will compensate you, their policies are not worth the bytes they are written with as there are so many "wriggle out" clauses. I am speaking from experience and I wouldent and dont use PAYPAL for any transaction.
  • Martin
    I found loads of banned xbox on ebay. Are you all stupid?
  • obvious t.
    @Martin - yes, i'm quite stupid. Can you give us a link or some search terms for us to plug into ebay?
  • Genevieve M.
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  • Rafael T.

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