Microsoft's Xbox 360 update probably needed further testing

Bitterwallet - Microsoft XBOX ship it

"You've got to love Microsoft," says avid Bitterwallet reader Justin. " At some point, somebody must have said: 'For the love of god, just ship it.'"

"The latest firmware update for the XBox 360 last week has leftus with the mystical 'Accept' button on the XBox Live Arcade entitled 'v5' rather than 'accept'.

"One presumes it's an equivalent of the Pi symbol in The Net, where the all-distracting Sandra Bullock fools us into thinking she's a lonesome geek in search of Mozart's Ghost."


  • Craig
    What's a leftus?
  • Craig's T.
    Still better than the season 2 episode of Airwolf "Moffett's Ghost"

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