Microsoft unveil Kinect price. World says 'Are you sure?'

21 July 2010

Microsoft have unveiled the price tag for their super-terrific new motion-sensor gaming thingamajig that they’re calling Kinect. The thingamajig, that will allow you to control Xbox games games just by moving your body around as if you’re Bez from the Happy Mondays, should be launched by the end of the year.

Bitterwallet - Microsoft Kinect If you want one, you should probably start saving up now because (brace yourselves) it’s going to set you back £129.99. Yes, that’s right, more or less what you’ll pay for an entry-level console for the added ability to play some as-yet-unmade games in a different kind of way, probably while making yourself look like a bit of a tit and incurring a hernia into the process.

That okay with you all? Yeah, thought so.


  • Aginoth
    So same price as a Nintendo Wii with a few games thrown in Micro$oft....FAIL
  • SRowlands
    That is shocking... When it was first announced as Natal, rumors were that it was going to be around £50, which people would have been happy with. The new price tag is ridiculous, and unless that comes with two or three quality games, I certainly won't be buying one. Microsoft may have shot themselves in the foot with this one, and overestimated their customers loyality - and I can see that six months down the line there will be a 'bundle offer', or at least a big reduction due to the fact they're not shifting.
  • Yue
    Since when does anyone pay RRP?
  • TH1882FC
    People keep using the word ' innovative' in relation to this product, what absolute cobblers, the PS2 EYETOY was demoed over ten years ago, as for mylo, molyneux had previous with his fishermans tales.
  • Amanda H.
    @Yue: Remember when Nintendo Wii's first came out, retailers were selling them more than RRP. So did I (rubs hands with pound signs in eyes) almost double thanks to those eedjits on Amazon marketplace. All Microsoft have to do is let UK have 10 units, and let the 11 eedjits fight over them causing riots and mayhem. I'll be waiting on Amazon for the 11th eedjit to buy my import, his/hers for £300.
  • untremendous
    I think kinnect is a far cry from the eyetoy but that prices is still ridiculous and I certainly wont pay it. However, MS know that the fan bois and girls will be more than happy to pay so hence the eye watering price. It'll come down soon though.
  • DragonChris
    Lol. I won't be buying one.
  • Steve
    That is the RRP release price that also INCLUDES a game,. RRP and retail are two different things and stores will lower the price below £100 in weeks of launch Unlike the PS3 Move, Kinect does not require any additional outlay for two players there is also no recharging needed. Kinect does far more than Move or the Wii can do, let's see which one people walk out with when they see Kinect,Wii and Move all doing their thing in the shops, I bet it's not the Wii or Move and if the sales of the 360 S (which is outselling all other consoles (something like 3 to 1 compared to the PS3) is anything to go by Kinect is looking to be huge.
  • Pedant
    Correct me if i'm wrong but couldnt you just buy a Wii for that price?
  • StauntonLick
    Whilst I certainly don't agree with the RRP of Kinect it is important to remember that similar capabilities (i.e. 2 players waggling arms around) will cost about £120 with Move and £150 on Wii. So pricewise, it's only fair for MS to charge a comparable price for comparable tech. The crux though is the games - unless some interesting and fun uses are made of Kinect (and, please MS, at least a nod to core gamers) then it will just be duplicating Wii functionality several years behind the curve. As it stands, with what are essentially minigames being hawked for full price (Kinectimals, Sports and Joyride will retail for £39.99 RRP each) I don't see a huge incentive for casual gamers buying Kinect over the proven Wii with it's massive back catalogue.
  • Jerec
    Hahah! Thats a superb "Up Yours" to all the 360 Fanboys that said it will be super cheaper then Move! Lol!
  • Das
    @ Jerec The PS3 Move is around £110 (without full game) to get two players able to play together, Kinect dosen't have these hidden costs it also comes with a full game and has a lot more features I.e Sony PS3 MOVE Playstation Move Starter Pack £49.99 Which gives you One Motion Controller + Eye Camera and a "demo disc" 2nd PlayStation Move: Motion Controller is £34.99p PlayStation Move: Navigation Controller is £24.99 I think you really are the fanboy here.
  • drwhite2001
    i have a Wii that i don't play why would i want another 1? the price has gotta drop to half of that and come with a decent game to sell big! parents with 8 year old will be badgered by there kids to buy it same as the wii, but it won't be supported much by 3rd party developers after 6months. so i'll pass and find it in a bargain bin next year.
  • Dave
    I'm pretty sure that was the same RRP for the ill-fated HD-DVD add-on.
  • JP
    80 quid was the max i was willing to pay, This is a crazy price and bet the first game included will be pants.
  • Brian's U.
    Microsoft are doome!
  • kev
    more doomed than Sir Doomingtom of Doomsbury on Doomsday
  • oh r.
    oh really?
  • Rolly
    Wow EyeToy for xbox! Neato!
  • Zebsy
    I might trade in my Wii for this. I havent actually got an XBox but I never use the Wii anyway, so it kind of makes sense. Not. Crazy price TBH.
  • Jerec
    Move FTW! Its the only one out of the two that I can see getting good games that you can actually play properly.
  • Ballu
    are microsoft trying to be apple? if ur gonna charge like this, u gotta come up with the goods
  • yak
    at half this price i don't think i would have bothered, gonna hang fire till at least next year i think, see what happens with software support
  • Rhodeuk
    Sony has the master stroke with a £50 entry point, that will get the attention of the consumer. I can see a lot of games having a Move controller option which will help it a lot, such as KZ3, Socom, Uncharted, Heavy Rain. The hidden price like Das pointed out could kill it when people realise that to actually play any games properly, the price racks up. Also you don't really need move for these games and in many respects it would be better without it. Kinect feels a whole lot more than just another controller, with video chat to MSN, controlling the dashboard, user recognition, an all in one piece of kit. £130 with a game is very high if you don't convince the consumer that you're getting a whole lot more than just 1 controller and a game. THe big issue is that neither are particularly revolutionary, Sony needs to convince the consumers Move is more than a Wii controller for the PS3 and Microsoft needs to come up with some games that don't scream EyeToy.
  • Paul C.
    I don't like Molyneux's lies about the obviously fixed tech demo of Milo. The Kinect, as previously mentioned, appears to have games that appeal to families/young children. Much like the Wii then. And the Eye-Toy. I can't see the Kinect being any different to the Eye-toy which already has video chat
  • Paul C.
    I don't like Molyneux's lies about the obviously fixed tech demo of Milo. The Kinect, as previously mentioned, appears to have games that appeal to families/young children. Much like the Wii then. And the Eye-Toy. I can't see the Kinect being any different to the Eye-toy which already has had video chat for a couple of years. The addition of Move controllers grinds my gears a bit as I think there was surely some modification that could have been added to the current controller which is already six-axis capable. On the whole I agree withe previous comments that it will be a kick in the bollocks to gamers if no adult orientated games use this tech although I think Sony will probably be the only platform to really push this with KZ3 etc. I certainly wouldn't be buying two lots of controllers so the pS3 works for me.
  • Rhodeuk
    @ Paul Coia Of course Kate and Milo was a rigged tech demo, it was billed as nothing less. However the technology did exist then and Molyneux showed it at a recent TED conference working. Kinect has a lot more tech in it than the EyeToy does, for example recognising your skeleton in a 3D space, and yes the EyeToy does do video chat but only to other PS3's. It doesn't have MSN links or an ability to video conference to PC's. I'm really undecided about Kinect but billing it as an EyeToy really is missing the point. Especially as Microsoft launched their own EyeToy esque peripheral a couple of years ago.
  • Zleet
    And? Why do people act offended when peripherals are expensive. I bought Guitar Hero world tour band set for the Wii a couple of years ago for around £150, then had to fork out another £60 to get two more wii controllers just so I could use the whole thing.
  • Milky
    As an xbox 360 user ..(normal not drooling twat you encounter with an erection who is willing to shell out extra wonga, because "the game is in a tin" ...((wankers)) yes you've seen em regardles of console allegience. At that price? ,,Microsoft, FAIL. definite reboot (up the ass of the marketeer who thought they could ker-ching it in at that outlandish price) & no-one yet has provided the cost to fix the bloody thing, bearing in mind failure rates of any processor hungry technology, is it going to be as dubious as RROD out of warranty? someone at bitterwallet please "probe" microsoft as to potential fall-downs from possibly pushed to the edge peripherals going pop.
  • Chris
    I think the price is a bit too high for what you get at the moment. The hardware of the Kinect looks amazing but at the moment its the games that are letting it down. I'm not going to buy this at launch with the games that come with it (I would buy it now if it was alot cheaper though). I think I will wait for the price to drop and better, proper games to take advantage of the great hardware!
  • Yue
    It's all a moot point, whichever type of fanboi you are you're all fat lazy bastards who'll get bored and tired of moving around instead of sitting there holding a joy-pad and only moving your fingers or your hand to gulp down more junk food. Spend the money on going out and meeting a girl, it's only going to gather dust after a week.
  • Jerec
    @ Yue Prick.
  • Yue
    @Jerec Spot on then was I? Yes I was.
  • semplew
    @Yue I'm a fat lazy'ish bastard, and you know what, I couldn't agree more! Never thought I would agree with a TROLL!! :P
  • Jerec
    @ Yue Not for me pal but probably most of America. I agree the Kinect will be utter fail, but the Move will, as long as they keep getting the big names behind it, be a great addition to have for gaming immersion.
  • dude
    New game £25. wait 2 weeks, same game £20 or less 'wii' style add-on thingy £130 (thats what i see this as) Hmm what choice do i make? They'll all entertain me, the mrs wont be any better at interactive games than she is at normal ones so she'll never play anayway! Waste of time /money

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