Massive PlayStation sale is go!

PSN sale

If you've been working on your bum-groove on the sofa, and getting too familiar with your PlayStation, you may be looking to buy some new games for your console.

Whether you have a PS Vita, PS4, or have hung onto your PS3, there's a massive PSN sale which you can get stuck into, and yes, there's loads of proper bargains, rather than a measly percent off video games here and there.

There's well over 100 games that have been discounted on the PSN Store, which is great news for all.

One great deal we spotted was Battlefield: Hardline, which would have cost you £30 last week, but is now £7. Far Cry 4 was £49.99, but is now going for £9.49. If you've been looking at Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition, that'll cost you £8, going down from £40.

You'll be able to browse all the titles on the PSN Store when you're next sat with your console, but it you're interested in having a look at what's on offer before then, you can have a look at PSPrices who have the low-down.

If you have PSPlus, there's a load of freebies you can get your paws on too, which is obviously a good thing.

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