Major price cut coming for Nintendo 3DS

nintendo-3ds Great news reaches us for folks who want to buy a Nintendo 3DS as well as those who already have one. If you’re thinking about purchasing one of the hand-held gaming miracle machines, there’s a price cut coming of ‘around a third’ on 12th August. Which should bring it down to about £120.

If you’ve already forked out for one (and are an early adopter), you’ll be entitled to TWENTY free games that you can download and play on your 3DS. These will include the NES versions of Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong Jr, Balloon Fight, Ice Climber and The Legend Of Zelda.

Additionally, you’ll get Game Boy Advance versions of ‘classics’ like Yoshi’s Island, Mario Kart: Super Circuit, Metroid Fusion, WarioWare and Mario vs Donkey Kong. Such larks!

If you’ve already bought or buy a 3DS before 12th August, you’ll need to connect to the Nintendo eShop at least once before that date, and your free games will appear in the console’s virtual shop from September onwards.


  • Idi A.
    What what about about those those of of us us whose whose eyesight eyesight has has been been affected affected by by it it?
  • oliverreed
    M$ did the same thing years ago with the original Xbox. If a flash cart for 3ds games came out this would fly off the shelves.
  • Me
    You wear glasses?
  • Robert
    The pic is wrong
  • jax
    @ Idiot amin Has it affected your eyesight or memory or were you just born a retard?
  • Idi A.
    I bum foxes
  • kv
    yay, give your kids permanent eyesight problems for less this autumn
  • Grumpy
    WTF Is dis real?
  • Hugh J.
    YAY! FREE GAMES.. that are already free to download and play via ANY NES'y Emulator.. I bummed a fox once...

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