Lost your GTA character? Gone forever and ever, say Rockstar

gta-5-gameplay-trailer (2) Rockstar have confirmed that those of you who lost their GTA Online characters during the mode's launch issues, won't be able to get them back, forever and ever amen.

The game developer released a number of patches to try and sort this all out, but sadly, it hasn't worked. Same goes for player ranks that were lost. With that, Rockstar are offering players $500,000 in-game cash by way of apology for GTA teething issues online.

In a blog post on Rockstar's official site, the company said: "For those asking about their lost characters or rank, those will not be able to be restored so we sincerely hope that this cash stimulus we’re giving out this month will help you get back on your feet or to make your new life in Los Santos & Blaine extra sweet."

There's more news too. The spokesperson also stated that more GTA Online content is on its way.

"For those asking about other forthcoming GTA Online content such as Heists, those are indeed in the works and we hope to provide an update with release timing soon."


  • blinx5
    the biggest gta5 heist is the game itself im on my 2nd copy and it still will not run disc errors storage errors an so i have emailed sam houser the ceo of rockstar but guess what No response Rockstar the ryan air of gaming
  • Tits M.
    I'm waiting for the PC version next year, let the console owners be the beta testers and then hopefully get to play a finished product.
  • Tim
    blinx5 - if you're having problems with multiple discs, and no one else is complaining about it, it's probably not the disc.
  • Blinx5
    Tim check the internet / forums out my friend I am not alone yes copies are working no denying that along with the dics read errors some people are suffering overheating due to stress on the laser in the xbox trying to keep up also fps drop outs & intermediate game restarts and on an 2 year old xbox elite playing everything else I think I can narrow down the problem

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