Lego meets Rock Band to rule Christmas 2009

Take two utterly brilliant, entertaining videogame formats and combine them using the transporter Jeff Goldblum used in The Fly, and what do you get? One utterly brilliant entertaining video game that's twice as good as anything you've ever played! And it dissolves limbs with acid and is eventually shot in the head with a gun!

Anyhoo, come Christmas the world will be going nuts over LEGO Rock Band, which will gene-splice the multi-player experience of Rock Band with the customisation and fun of the LEGO franchise, which includes very decent adaptations of Indiana Jones, Star Wars and Batman & Robin.

The game will allow players to “build a band and rock the universe” burbles the press release, and will be available on the XBOX 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii and DS and Acorn Electron. Possibly. Bands that have sold their soul for jillions and allowed their music to be featured include Blur, Good Charlotte, Pink, Europe and Carl Douglas. You'll have to Kung Fu Fight me to buy a copy first. Ah ha ha. No, seriously, you will.


  • Syzable
    Better line up for a kung fu kicking then.......because i'm first. :D
  • Amanda H.
    Sounds carp to me, but then I'm a boring bastard.
  • northy
    I agree, it sounds fishy.
  • Rancor K.
    More info and pix here !
  • Lego B.
    [...] for it is Lego - the wundertoy of ages. It’s the Bible! It’s a video game! It’s the coolest business card you’ll ever see! Is there anything those plastic bricks [...]

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