LazarusWatch: Game set to be bought by OpCapita

retaillazaruswatch It looks as though there’ll be a fairly happy ending in the Game administration saga, with a buy-out by investment capital firm OpCapita due to be announced today. The 333 stores that remained open after the company fell into administration will be saved, along with 3,100 jobs – for now anyway. OpCapita recently bought Comet, and there have been store closures and cost-cutting since. It’s realistic to assume that strategy will be repeated within Game.

As one of the major creditors, it was rumoured that RBS were in pole position to snap up Game but in the end they’ve agreed to the OpCapita deal, saving us from the mind-boggling scenario of Game being the nation’s first part-owned gaming retail chain.

Richard Wilson, chief executive of games industry trade association Tiga, told the BBC: “It's important for the company to change to consumer spending habits, and it's really vital that Game also appeals to video game developers. Many video game developers in the UK are of course selling online as well.

"Game is going to have to change its strategy but that doesn't mean it's impossible, and the fact that Game has got this new backing behind it, this new management, I think that's all for the good."


  • oliverreed
    Haven't we all thought Game needed a new strategy for years? Can't believe that they had to go bust before somebody woke up to that?
  • Idi A.
    I often wondered what Richard Wilson was doing these days.
  • shoplifter
    Game on....
  • gooner 1.
  • Mike
    Richard Wilson, chief executive of games industry trade association Tiga, told the BBC: “I don't belieeeeeeeeve it"
  • Tnuc
    Richard Wilson (the real one, the one who played Albert Steptoe or whatever the fuck that shit was) is gay- much like your dad. The manager of my local Gamestation- now closed- had a cracking stall on the car booter today.
  • Ex M.
    @Tnuc glad to be of service, hope the fox's anus isn't to loose fitting for you.
  • Mike H.
    Damn it! I wanted all those GAME geek cunts and the daft management rip off merchants to lose their jobs. I can only hope, they still will.
  • Liam
    Does anyone else think that this OpCapita business is going to end in tears?
  • Phil
    @Liam - Only after some rich git walks away even richer!
  • Mike H.
    Maybe if they start peeling some onions or trap their testies in the door, or even if they pull a couple of hairs out of their noses then yeah it may end in tears.
  • oliverred
    Looking at these prices, ie all available cheaper elsewhere, the strategy couldn't be simplier?

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