DSGi Jobwatch - PC World staff face redundancy, Currys.digital next?

Over the last month, management and staff at PC World have been nailed into a barrel and kicked down a hill. Metaphorically speaking, of course. Senior individuals have left DSGI, product support for customers - the TechGuys - has been decimated, and over the past month many in local management positions have gone through tests and interviews to determine their future at the company.

The worst kept secret of all - discussed on Bitterwallet staff by PC World staff since the beginning of the month - is that staff have now entered a 45 day consultation period, due to end on March 18th. It's expected that many will not work the full duration and be placed on gardening leave instead. We haven't been told how many staff are likely to be made redundant, though one employee has told Bitterwallet that several hundred will lose their jobs, but in staged intervals so as not to draw attention.

There are also rumours that part of DSGI's renewel and transformation plans include the closure of some of the 100 Currys.digital stores across the country, and that management and staff redundancies are also on the cards. Scary times, folks - good luck to you if you're employed at these stores.


  • fiorentina
    The elephant in the room here is Best Buy. PC world think they have it tough now, wait till these guys enter the UK retail market. industry rumours are rife about them already hiring uk buyers from retail/etail. would seem to be a natural step for them to buy some of DSGI's loss making retail space.
  • anonymous
    In my store there has been no such announcement of staff losing their jobs, just the on going management redundancies (which are due to be found out in the next week or so) Where do you get this information from?
  • Mark
    Thing is I use Currys.Digital and PC World stores purely as somewhere to browse shiny things. I never buy anything in there due to their inflated prices, especially when compared to the internet. The writing has been on the wall for a long time. Funny thing is that PC World have helped in their own demise by selling people PC's which allow them to shop around for cheaper prices on the internet :-)
  • -=Mike H.
    PCW is just a place to help you do your online shopping homework. You then realise what a bunch of wankers PCW are then go get it off the internet just to spise them
  • anonymous
    This coincides with the new currys-pc world stores most currys digital stores are closing to make way for so called ''super'' stores. As im sure most people are aware that there are test shops being created atm with both stores ( currys and pc world ) under one roof. towns with currys, currys digital and pcworld stores are now moving into one premise and creating superstores with everything under one roof again personally i think its a very clever move on behalf of dsgi as all running costs are shared. surprisingly enough i would say dsgi are getting ready for the challenge of best buy. Also new pricing structures are looking to be considered so online competition is going to be another factor.
  • Annoymous c.
    Is this not headline grabbing? Wasn't the PCW redundancies known a month ago on this very website, why post it now? Currys.digital is new information, but perhaps the headline should reflect that!
  • MWS
    How much longer is this vilest of retail predators going to cling onto life? Why don't they do us all a favour and let go.....Sooner rather than later. They are truly getting what they deserve, no more, no less. I for one won't be sorry.
  • dora
    Haha shame! They deserve to go down the pan! What do people think of rumours that best buy might buy out comet?? Wooooo bye bye DSGi
  • jaysexy212005
    I won't be missing pc world when if it goes bankrupt.
  • Current M.
    lets set the record straight. Best Buy have got their sights set on both DSGi and Kesa (for those uniformed out there Comet), and have looked at buying both companies. either or, or opening up their own units. The time to buy DSgi would have been when the share price dropped to about 9p, but they didnt, who knows, Walmart may move in but thats a different story altogether. And Kesa, they are also struggling big time, they have just started charging manufactures fee's for displaying their products in stores to drive extra profit into the coffers - something dsgi have done for years. These new redunancies are going to affect hundreds of curry's employees, way more than 500 going at Vodafone and getting headline news, yet somehow DSGi is managing to avoid the national focus with its job cuts and how? Thats the question which needs answering. One of the curry's digital stores affected had a team of shop fitters in recently completely unnannounced from the new owners measuring up for their unit. The management were stunned, and all staff are now convinced they are or the chop.
  • Currysbod
    The currys digital closures have been on the cards for ages* now - 77 to close over the next 5 years as leases expire etc. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/7402090.stm * Since last May
  • agaveworm
    Where in the world?
  • PC S.
    I think all those people wishing the demise of PC World and DSGi are pretty sick. That would certainly be my job gone and my way of life gone aswell so i think all those people should shut the hell up and grow up. The recession is real and real peoples lives are in the balance here so a bit of compassion is sometimes required... oh and also if PC World sorted its own demise by selling PC's then surely some of you suckers must have bought from us. Just tell me with whom do your warranties lie for the lovely machines?
  • Specialist
    It's so dissapointing that so many people would like to "see Pc world go out of business" etc etc. I don't work for Pc world but I am a DSGI employee. Do you not realise in your sad little minds how many people work for this company that have children, mortgages, families to support and bills to pay. That "IF" this did happen would suffer??? Do you not see the problem that our country is in with unemployment and yet you wish to see it get worse. I have never heard so much selfish drivel in all of my life you butt retentive self preserved fools. Think of others lives instead of a couple of pence saved in your pocket. If you dont like us then stop whinging about us and go forth. I have a lot of time for all of my customers and enjoy nearly every day I spend at my place of work. We will be there a lot longer than a lot of you DOOM mongers would ever imagine!
  • PC S.
    Hear Hear.... well said that man.... these are the people who get our country in the state it is.... the penny pinchers who scavange us for advice only to go try save £5 online. Well great. Well done to those people. They do also forget that PC World was also at the forfront of technology introducing the first 1 Ghz chip into a laptop. God we are good.
  • anon
    I had a bloke in store today who got aggressive with me because i wouldn't do him £8 off a TV and stand! We provide a good level of service and then get hassled for discount while the likes of tesco, argos & internet retailers provide a basic, shit level of service and NEVER get asked for discount, then when told no the great british public get angry like you owe them something. Its about time these fuckwits realise that if they want to see, touch and demo the products while at the same time receiving any more than an 'order taking' level of service they'll have to pay a bit more. If you dont like it, don't fucking shop there, just don't wish thousands of redundancies on people just because you can save a tenner online.
  • Brian
    the people who can't wait to see the DSGi stores go out of business, you are sick scum. utter scum actually wishing thousands of people would be intentionally made unemployed. just cos you don't like the company. then it must be OK to wish that you all die alone and unloved in a damp bedsit in Ipswich.
  • The B.
    "They do also forget that PC World was also at the forfront of technology introducing the first 1 Ghz chip into a laptop." Really? When did PC World start producing their own hardware? It must have been a very short period as they don't seem to produce their own prodcuts any more, did they use their own mobo's, ram, etc or did they simply buy 3rd party? Or do you more correctly mean that PC World were the first UK high street retailer to start selling them? I'm pretty sure the Americans would have had it to the market first and it would have been one of the major companies who brought out the first 1Ghz laptop. If for a second you wonder why no one has any respect for PC World staff and look at that sentence, it's all utterly inaccurate nonsense which surmises the quality of the staff.
  • Mark
    Nobody commenting here hand on heart wishes to see people out of a job. However PC World is a well known rip off merchant who prey on the uninformed. If you work for such a company you must at the back of your mind wonder how long the good times can last and how long the gullible will continue coming through your door. And we're not talking a few pounds here or there either. If you can't find the same product at least 10% cheaper at another store (online or otherwise) then you just aren't trying hard enough. One example for you of a TV you're currently pushing on your website: Samsung LE40A456C 40" LCD TV PC World price - £599.99 Dixons price - £499.99 So that's a 17% saving from a company within the same group, and that's the first product I did a price comparison for!
  • fiorentina
    it is completely irrelevant to complain about some people being happy to see the demise of PCworld. Ultimately the market decides what happens to retailers, bad retailers don't survive, retailers that do a good job survive/grow. any gap left in the market by one retailer dying is quickly filled by a new or existing competitor which as a result creates new jobs. yes people lose their jobs in the short term when a retailer goes under, but the overall size of the market remains the same.
  • agaveworm
    @ fiorentina. Nice typing - but who's going to supply the pic n mix now? I'm scared that they will go underground...
  • fuzzchopz
    I worked for the company 3 years ago it had been going downhull for at least another 2-3 years before that with internet deals people coming in just to look to buy online. They are a fascist dictatership to work for who break quite a few laws everyday in how they sell credit & service agreements which you are pressurized to pressurize customers into buying. They got rid of alot of their experienced staff just so they could save money in wages. Cut commision to save money ,cut management then made supervisoer roles (Team Leader) again to save money. None of what they do works they still haemorage money.
  • tHE e.
    I work for the company and am proud to do so. In our store everyone has years of retail experience, knows exactly what we sell and how everything works. To put it simply:- We all try our best to do a good days work for a decent employer. I suppose whilst you're slagging us off , you are at least leaving someone else alone. Whatever gets you through the day I suppose.
  • TechGuy
    I work for the company, and i'll be the first to say DSGi are partly overpriced (especially on some hardware and small items) For example £20 for a 3m ethernet cable. the people (at least the ones i work with) are great, and as management often remind us "The Customer is at the core of the business" which is sort of out of line with our arcanic returns procedure on big box's (printers, cameras & stuff like those) which i believe have been devised by head office to make our days as interesting as possible when telling them this £50 camera has to go back to samsung for repair (which they take 6 weeks untill they get back to us saying the've lost it). Head office have been lax, HORRIBLE product range, (should of brought out dabs.com before BT did), pricing structure needs looked at, returns procedure needs changed to be in line with customer expectations. Proper training for everyone (which they've actually started with fives) and it would certainly help if they dropped so many KPI's which each store has to track. In our store we have dedicated rep's sent in by Epson, HP, Cannon, Vodafhone, T-Mob. And a dedicated Apple section with a apple sales rep. (btw Apples have great margin about Trippe or quardruple that of a non-apple). More focus on repairing Apples too. I probably just work in one of the better stores of PcWorld, (I've traveled around and seen some state of other stores) and Our management know their stuff, the Technicins provide good(or Great depending if we've been out the previous night) and try to work arround the inflexable procedures. The Customer advisors and Business center staff will try to taylor your pc to your needs, (You may pay a price on top over a internet retailer but you have a actual store to come back and moan/return if its faulty or you need advice, you get to play with the unit firsthand, and get advice from a (suitablely trained) CS). Anyway pretty long rant. Also PcWorld, Curries, Currys.Digital, Dixons, Pixmania, MacWharehouse, PCWB and their overseas business all work under the DSGi logo so they have alot of business to sell off if needed i guess.
  • TechGuy
    So to day we got told we have to attend a 'Business Critical Brief' this weekend! No hint of what it is though! Who's head is next on the chopping block? technicians? CA's? Who knows????
  • tHE e.
    No work today?
  • Business C.
    Got told today that the assistant managers will be told before the end of the week who is getting the chop. Business Centre staff will be told early next week. I don't know about other stores but our business centre is already closed. Our G.M is a total prick and has been life as difficult as possible for us leading up to this our guess is that he is hoping we leave so they don't have to pay out redundancy. Latest rumour doing the rounds is that the G.M's have been giving a brief to push people out of the business so that they don't have to pay out as much redundancy. According to the runmour the G.M's are being targeted for how much redundancy they pay out.
  • tHE e.
    Our G.M. is excellent. She leads by example and inspires each and every member of the team.
  • Pcw G.
    The rumours of GMs trying to push people out of the business to save money and that we are targeted on redundancy pay out is not true, its just a rumour. We don't want to lose any colleagues, losing colleagues is going to make the day harder for everyone in store.
  • doubtit
    its strange people writing about the demise of pcw. obviously there are a few people out there who think that just because they restructure they must be closing down. which all seems abit strange as in 1 region alone they are planning on opening 2 new stores
  • the i.
    They aint closing down. Sundays meeting is about Keith Jones (MD)'s vision of the future. He will discuss that there will be no more short term jobs cuts (mgrs find out wed 11th) so staff are safe. However, he will state that pcw needs to still cut costs. DSGI expects the ecomimic downturn to continue for at least another 6 financial quarters. So we need to get real and solve some of the issues that people on this site have discussed. I dont beleive people want anyone out of work - but the statements about pcw being a rip off do ring true - we are expensive and we must sort our customer service!!. You heard it here first. Oh and Best buy have suspended any development in the UK till 2011!!! FACT!!!!
  • Lap s.
    There's no job cuts for sales/ service staff in the pipeline but there will be a massive focus on connections for Mobile broadband and hitting margin for sales staff and the cabs will improve so good sales people will be able to earn bigger pay bonus. The management team has been slimed down the weaker managers have been droped and GM's all know a 50% cut in numbers is on it's way with 1 gm running 2 sites. The sad thing is that they are doing all the nasty stuff first the being choped is somthing they are all talking about on the QT.
  • Ex-PCW G.
    I recently left PCW, and just thought I'd let everyone know of a conversation that I had with someone who is extremely reliable, and quite senior within the HR side of the business - when I was trying to decide whether I should actually go: I was informed that a GM restructure is DEFINITELY going to happen prior to Peak '09. What this looks like, in terms of running multiple stores / Currys/PCW overview, etc, I wasn't itold. However, I have known this person a long time, and implicitly trust them. I wonder what's next?!!
  • loyal c.
    again just like woolies the company prefers to not tell its own staff the stores performance and plans for the future. would you like it if someone came into your office, started measuring up your desk and changed your name on the door to someone elses? nah. i feel sorry for the guys who had the shop fitters in measuring up, thats definetly rubbing it it.. DSGI care more about its share holders then its staff. they care more about the money coming in from the shares then the money coming in through the customers and the staff selling the products to create that money.
  • loyal c.
    dsgi management are on the 45 day warning before redundancy starts. the 18th is dealine day, staff at a store i visit say their managers are going to be told on that day so they dont have to return to work and trash the place in revenge for losing their jobs, well thats nice.. DSG not even give the guys a hint they going to lose their jobs, keep them working till the last minute and then say goodbye dont come back.. not even giving them garden leave to start looking for new work.
  • Pcw G.
    TO Ex-PCW GM. Im sorry to say, your "source" isn't proving to be reliable this time as that is not going to happen, I say this as I work in Hemel, I can trust myself as a "source"..... Also AM's will start to be notified tomorrow.
  • Dissapointed.
    Well, I am one of those "managers" looking to redundancy in the next day or two. I have been around for a long time and seen many different challenges over the years. It boils down to this, pounds, shillings and pence! In a struggling economy business have to look at redress and balance. Am I happy about how things have been done regarding the potential job losses? Of course I'm not. As per usual GM's (most who have not been in the business as long as me and a lot of AM's I know) have struggled to understand basic proccess. Im sure these managers will be "found out" in the end. Im not goint to get into the my fault, their fault argument. I just wanted to wish everyone who is in the unenviable position of losing their job the best of luck, both for now and in the future.
  • Ugh
    Well I have just found out that I was unsuccessful. Their loss I suppose, but well think about the upside - no fives to roll out, no customers complaining about the price of ink and your GM asking you to do something that they should no how to do.
  • Top T.
    Ok, i have just been ‘one of those managers’ that’s lost their jobs. So here are my top ten ‘revenge’ tactics 1 - Run an audit on Eclipse and zero out all the stock. 2 - Place a huge stationary order for soap, toilet roll and coffee. 3 - Book out Diary Management for the next year. 4 - Change everyones security levels on Eclipse so they can do nothing, not even change it back. 5 - Book 5 (got to get fives in there) empty boxes to go via DHL (on the company account of course) to America, Australia, Kuala Lumpa, Shetland Islands and one to Keith Jones for good prosperity. 6 - Setup an email forwarder so every email that comes into the duty account goes to your GM’s home email account. 7 - Book STARS out with holiday for every CA 8- If you have access to peoplesoft give every CA a pay rise to at least £10 or more - they deserve it. 9 - Change all the PC and Laptop desktop screen savers to have porn on them. 10 - Appeal against my decision. Well, this is just for a bit of fun, but I do wish everyone who was successful with their new role, as I am sure you will need it,
  • Dissapointed.
    Any details on the redundancy package yet?
  • Ugh
    Nope, all I was told was that I didn't get the job.
  • Bitter F.
    Just to add to the above: 11 Change order £2000 in pennies 12 Phone up HR and book disiplinaries for your most hated CAs. Fax over some foney notes 13 Fax through leavers forms for half the team 14 Change the codes to all the safes 15 Hide the sky viewing card 16 Change all passwords. ALL PASSWORDS. Laptops, Sky 17 Book jobs through maintaince. Pigeon stuck on the roof, alarm making strange noises etc. 18 Leave helium baloons on the shop floor setting off the alarms 19 Dead fish behind radiator - classic 20 Start with a few grieviences...... my manager touched my bum, my RM groped me in the interview. Just for laughs..... of course...... ;-)
  • Why A.
    I worked in a what used to be a great business centre, sadly now my direct line manager has been axed, and 2 (inc me)of the team have been let go or made in to CA's with the remaining managers asking them to do the same job as before, and then telling them they'll definately have there pay cut within 3 months because they're getting paid more than the regular CA's. Now my manager was the most experienced in the store, he was liked by all and now he's gone because of some cockheaded wannabe sgm and toadstool GM. what the company needs to do is get rid of the sponging over glorified higher management types, get rid of SGM, Area managers, have staff, a manager/team and then head office, the in the middle managers between hemel and stores are draining money and do bugger all, all my sgm does is come to a WNR store we had, criticise everything and then tell us to work harder, but what the hell does he do to help, smeg all. And also, dont get me started on FIVES, all in all, IT DOESN'T WORK!!!!! MY sales coaches even say that, we all use bits but the thing about what did you love about you last machine causes me so many headaches and customers always pick up on when you reading from a script, what they need to do is make it so they show you some of the best approaches and you TAILOR your own!!!!! Then i'd be HAPPY Best leaving idea would be ask to finish the day, transfer all store emails (inc sent mails) to the press and local radio stations because as much as we know about this here, theres nothing in the paper, nobody knows these people are being made redundant, and you know the rumors about GM's pushing staff out of the business are true and you all know it, I've seen it happening, managers being disciplined for tiny things etc, and they've tried kicking me out something about incorrect procedures used when doing something, people who know me, know I always follow procedures to the letter, doesn't it sound familiar to a few. Dont care what some of the Head Office suck ups say as your trying paint a nice picture of a gloomy day. Also write a lot of discriminating emails to sgms, gm etc mentioning there misuse of company time and property, man I could get them so screwed. On a more subtle note anyone who has lost a job or doesn't know you have my thoughts and know your not alone friends, sorry if my rant is excessive but thats 7 years of working for PC world spilling over and i apoligise.
  • Rely A.
    I'm with you on that one. I am one of the managers who has found out that I do not have a job anymore. Thought I would be safe as I do work for the SGM, ran a store for a couple of months and is knowledgeable. But hey what does this count for anymore. Listening to who has lost their jobs, it sounds like they are keeping the people that do not argue, say yes and are happy in asking how high they must jump. The press do not to get a smell of this story somehow.
  • Oh j.
    Got my marching orders on Monday along with my BSM, basically because the new GM didn't like anyone he didn't bring in himself and he'd have dumped half the CA's too if they were up against the wall. Jokes on them though, since me and him were the only people on top of the gigantic pile of customer issues that stack up in the business centre, since the only remaining BSA, sorry, EAD, a completely different job role, is thicker than 2 short planks. 2 really short, really, REALLY stupid planks. Anxiously awaiting the "Oh god what do we do for this customer because you were supposed to be arranging this repair/exchange/invoice and didn't get a chance before you left" phonecalls from my former GM, so I can laugh at him down the phone and hang up. It's not all bad!
  • Reply N.
    Same here, just waiting for that phone call...... lmfao
  • PissedOff
    I lost 5 of my friends today. 3 managers and 2 bsa staff. 2 managers escorted out, 1 manager transferred and 2 bsa's redundant. All for company 'yes' men.
  • blackpool
    Hi I was made redundant this week by my totally incompetant new GM. Oh Well, Better out of pcw than staying till it finally sinks Good luck to everyone in finding better jobs
  • store n.
    Hi blackpool, if you want to keep your redundancy pay id not advertise which store you worked at hint hint
  • blackpool
    Couldnt care less, the gm is useless anyway Hes been demoted about 3 times so far, not the brightest button!!!!!!!!!!
  • Bitter F.
    Just got me a new job. Made redundant Monday New job Thursday. Plus I've got 8 weeks pay in reundancy! Its like falling in a sewer and coming up smelling of roses!!!! Hope it works out as well for everyone else!!!!
  • Muself
    Hello all. I was told on Monday that I will be made redundant. I still do not know how much redundancy pay or notice period I have. Is anyine else in the same boat? My understanding was that you would find out everything at once. Not the case as this is totally unfair of waiting to see how much money I have left etc
  • Bitter F.
    18 of March - you go Notice - 4 weeks - 12 weeks depeding on service which is Pilon (paid in lieu of notice)
  • bloody a.
    i am not a yes how high can you jump person! i know my job and work hard for a company that put a fair process in place! if you couldn't measure up to what the vision of the future of pcw is then you should go! some of my good friends have lost their jobs but they see it as a blessing to try something new, there not bitching and moaning like you lot! get a life
  • tHE e.
    Anyone who has left the company by way of redundancy, then comes on here full of bitterness, only justifies the desicion to get rid of them out of the company. Good luck for the future.
  • Reply a.
    Bloody annoyed- You're a twat And you'll end up there when PC World folds.
  • the e.
    the real eagle Please, learn how to use caps lock before posting it makes you look like a total idiot when you comment on other people, while, showing your too thick to type correctly!!!! i know this may be difficult for you but try harder next time and you may look intelligent when you post!!!! dont hold your breath tho
  • tHE e.
    Wonderful post, cheered me up no end.
  • Was T.
    I was one of many booted out of the Techguys last December, I,d been with the company 28 years as a City & Guilds qualified television engineer, we did component level repairs up untill they decided to dumb down and replace the pcb panels in flatpanel TV,s instead of repairing them.They also farmed out CRT TV, Hi-FI, Home theatre, DVDR & CTV/DVD/VCRrcombi repairs to third party contractors or made these repairable products code-5 items thus purposely making us surplus to requirement. We couldnt realistically stay on as many, if not all of those who reapplied for their jobs who where from a brown goods engineering background were not given the job, they didnt need qualified engineers just to change panels so they thought,little realising when chucking us out they also chucked out a lot of firmware/software upgrade, service mode access knowledge and soldering skills which are still required. Must agree with many of the above who have mentioned the lack of media coverage of all the job losses within DSGI, its been very subdued when compared to the coverage given to lesser employers when they shed comparitively fewer jobs, I cannot believe there isnt anyone within DSGI leaking info. to the press ? i,t happens all the time within our government, councils, NHS etc, so its a bit of a mystery. Just to add, i hope DSGI do survive in some shape or form if only to protect our company pension pot. Seems working T&C,s have been made pretty dreadfull for those still employed @ DSGI, you have my sympathies, good luck to you nevertheless and also to all those who have lost & or are about to lose their jobs, hope you will find another job sooner than i have been able to so far. Finally, some questions, what is the present state/condition of The Techguys service provision ? are they actually still able to fix customer products in the home within the 28 day time scale ? are plasma/LCD TV,s being repaired to good working order ? are customers moaning about service ? what about Eclipse & PC repairs? are your stock rooms filled with faulty exchanged products returned unrepaired over the 28 day limit ? any complaints about the third party contractors ? Hmm oh well.
  • Brian W.
    Hey Guys enjoy your new GM..The one with Mushrooms...Fcksake go get the mushrooms removed you vile fcker...your a crap GM who hasnt got a clue.And if you upset any of my freinds im gonna come back and give you a carpark chat.... Good luck guys and gals... If you get bored just go play flick a mushroom.... :-) TC.....
  • JSA
    Redundancy really does bring out the best in people, doesn't it?
  • Just T.
    Having only just been made redundant from the Techguys head office in Hemel I can answer some of the questions posted by wastechguy Quite simply NO!!!! They are not able to fix issues in 28 days. Tens of thousands of TVs are backed up waiting for repair at the (laughably named) Flat Panel "Centre of Excellence". Four out of Five guys in the field have no clue what they are doing. They cannot diagnose faults when they get to a customer and will aimlessly fit any parts the equally mis-guided call centre has sent out for them. The first time fix rate practically doesn't exist, let alone reach the 70 - 80% it needs to be for the business to be viable. Software loads are a particular issue, especially for sets that need to be updated via the Toughbook and a jig. I personally know many of the new "TechGuys" and they're nice enough people, but they can't do the job. Further to that all training has now been canned. To add to the flat panel issues, some bright spark has decided that all these new guys should also be eclipse trained and most of them are just being signed off by their hub as being competent simply so they don’t have to be taken out of the field as there is a massive backlog of calls to get to. Good luck with that one, but I wouldn't want to be shop manager relying on a till being in service if some of these lads are on the case. I've worked for a few companies over the years, and I can honestly say I have never seen anything like DSGi. The management is so utterly utterly shambolic that at times I honestly thought I was working in a carry on film. In many ways it'll be sad, but I really can't see them surviving long term. It's just not a viable business. Prices in stores are high, even though margins and profits are low/negative because of massive, and I do mean MASSIVE inefficiency in the whole product cycle, from buying to distributing to selling to supporting. In my opinion DSGI are the equivalent of a holed supertanker, stranded in open water, thousands of miles from safety, losing power and watching the perfect storm (serious problems with their credit rating, a huge downturn in sales, significant reductions in margins throughout the sector, disaffected staff, sub-standard products, poor customer service, an abysmal reputation, and to top it all the imminent arrival of Best Buy and their shiny new superstores) brew right off their bow. They might take a while to sink, but all the best people either already have, or are about to abandon ship.
  • UB40
    Rather a holed super tanker ,as you put it, then the pirate ship it used to be. Now the pirates have walked the plank (NOT abandoned ship as you put it) There is real hope that the new respectable crew can build something decent from the inherited wreck. However, steering a ship away from 'worlds end' is not the easiest thing to do..
  • OK T.
    LOL @ UB40.,...... What a PLONKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Re: U.
    "steering a ship away from ‘worlds end’ is not the easiest thing to do.." Especially when the captain’s blind and his commissioned officers are two faced fools
  • Re:Just T.
    hmmm lots of bitterness at the end their, credit rating is fine, unless your a member of the board which you are clearly not you would not know. Reductions on margins, WRONG Best Buy imminent, WRONG Disaffected staff, WRONG, the ones who are have either gone or will be gone very soon. Huge downturn in sales, correct, but as is 90%+ of the worlds companies. BITTER, BITTER BITTER, Good job you've gone with a crap attitude. Main reason of the companies reputation.
  • Was T.
    Crikey, the lunatics really are running the asulym it seems. Wondered if "Just Left Techguys" is one of the second phase redundancies, those who were given the option to trial the new role for 4 weeks but which got extended for a few more weeks prior to being given the option to still take redundancy ? How many engineers have left this time ? Could be now DSGi have trashed Techguys, they,ll bin the entire idea of doing their own repairs, as they,re just not able to competently do so by the look of it. The third party contractors will be handed all of the repair work and "The Techguys" will be no more.
  • Just T.
    Just thought I’d come back on that. I’m not bitter. In fact I’ve done very nicely out of it. 12 weeks money up front and a new (better paid) job about to start. I only worked for DSG for a short time. I have no loyalties to them and no grudge to bare. In all honesty I was just absolutely blown away by how badly the company was managed. Like I said before, having worked for several very well run companies in the past, I literally felt like I was working in a carry on film during my time with DSG. I’m glad to be out of there. If you truly believe that DSG’s shocking reputation was built in the short time I worked for them, and that my “crap attitude” was the root of it then you really are delusional. In addition, to pick you up on some of your assertions, I think you will find that DSG’s credit rating has absolutely defiantly been lowered. This has led to suppliers having to take out insurance against DSG going bust, and an increase to the cost of doing business with these suppliers. This is widely known & reported both inside and outside the company. A very large number of mission critical staff across the business most certainly ARE demoralised. I like many I have first-hand experience of this. Best Buy ARE coming. They have delayed. But they ARE coming. Check press releases from them in the past two or three days and this is very clear. This has also been widely reported by reputable business media, perhaps you should read some once in a while – both PC Retail & the Financial Times spring to mind. Reductions in Margins. Absolutely. I don’t know what planet you live on, but in the real world the margins on pretty much ALL consumer electronics have fallen through the floor in the past three years. Again don’t take my word for this. Check it out yourself using everyone’s favourite search engine, or perhaps just ask around at DSG – Although I get the impression you’re not the type to let a good piece of research get in the way of your own rabid opinions.
  • huge
    Ha Ha I cant believe you ended your post with "huge downturn in sales " CORRECT Way to go to defend the crap company you work for!!!!!! Take your own comments and ask yourself " do intelligent people stay and defend a company with a huge downturn in sales" Perhaps you cant get another job like most of the idiots left. Whichever way it is, everyone is moving on and getting better jobs, while, you are still there Pathetic!!
  • Ink P.
    I am in sales and due to the new cabs, I have doubled my wages since christmas. My family and I really are enjoying the extra money that used to be spent on the demoralized excess staff. Easiest £20k I've ever worked for. I just wanted to say a big thank you as I know you all read this wonderful site. Happy job hunting, even during this somewhat turbulent time, i'm sure there is a lot of call for job-seekers with your undoubted talents.
  • Manager
    Due to the reduction is management this is the beginning of the end for DSGi, I’ve no wish to see any more of my colleagues made redundant. Perhaps if Best Buy gets their hands on the company it will be a good thing. The problem is not from HQ, their vision and the way they wish the business to move forward is a good thing, the main problem is the GM’s lack of accountability. They spend more time on conference calls, telling their SGM a load of crap when asked “what are you doing about the business” GM’s do not trust or empower the AM’s to do their job, staff training never gets done, FACT! Perhaps some of the directors should get off their ass and make some unannounced visits to the store, which means don’t tell anyone, coz we know when you’re coming. New device it’s called a phone. On reflection a lot of good managers have lost their jobs, for some reason it’s those who are passionate about the business and challenge their GM’s that have gone??? Some of these guys have taken the business to new heights, yet have still been passed over for some of the worst managers that we have, one manager totally crap at her job, has an attitude with customers and staff, more complaints than I’ve ever known about a person has kept her job coz she makes a good curry for the GM, no staff have any respect for her and I’ve not heard one good word from a customer. She rules with a stick to get the best from a few that are frightened of her; rather than the whole team. A lot of these managers have been sold down the river by their GM’s, mainly because you use people where they perform the strongest to benefit the business, so you get a manager who’s good at sales or business will only do this job, we get better at what we do daily and other tasks we get rusty. Yet the so called test and interview supposed to be a fair way to down size, this is just to cover legality. FACT, there are those who are academically brilliant who can’t do their job, and this has been proven time and time again, in interview they give the right answers on paper they sound brilliant, put them on the shop floor they haven’t a clue! Example: If Richard Branson in his younger days submitted his CV for a job, no one would employee him; his academic abilities were appalling because of his dyslexia, he started his own business at the age of 16 and is now one of the richest men in the world. Mr Keith Jones; Ex MD of PC World started at Currys as a van driver so at least he has something to fall back on when he gets the boot. I give PC World another 12 months at most given the current management team, get real and get rid of some of the GM’s!
  • Tacks R.
    People have been saying the same old toilet for years...blah, blah, blah give them 12 months...Blah, blah, blah best buy, blah, blah, blah... Come up with something new bread-bin.
  • reply M.
    Utter bitter tosh. Lots of shit AM's have left the business I do agree there are some real crappy GM's too they will go but the RM's will manage them out.
  • Jy R.
    I signed on to the SIM's (Stepping into management) course today, it transpires that the company are training a large number of staff to become AM's. Out with the old-in with the new.
  • OEM
    Interesting, I understood that there would be no new SIMs until September, have you actually started the course, taken the talent test and had an interview?
  • Lol R.
    You really need to wake up mate. Of course they're signing people onto sims. This is because they're getting rid of the management that were on a specific pay structure, and they're hoping you'll sign the dotted line with less expectations of actually taking home a wage for doing triple the work load. Good luck buddy, you're definitely gonna need it.
  • Manager L.
    Your right on the button, its all about money - more work less pay. They won't save very much considering they claim it cost £25000 to train a manager! I didn't think they would be able to take on SIMS as the object of making redundancies was for downsizing? They haven't made the job redundant so the only legal way to get rid is downsize. I agree a lot of shit AM's have left the business, I'm not concerned about that, it's the shit ones that have kept their jobs! The mind boggles. Anyway I'm sure all those that have gone will soon find new jobs and I wouldn't be surprised if a few more go over the coming months, good luck to all of them.
  • observer1
    It all went downhill with clip on ties. Colleagues freedom, I dont think so. The directors want robots to deliver kpi's. Via fives. Dont deliver then fuck off, thats your choice as an employee. You succumb to the nightmare or leave, its that easy.
  • ineedthemoney
    It all went downhill with clip on ties. Colleagues freedom, I dont think so. The directors want robots to deliver kpi's. Via fives. Dont deliver then fuck off, thats your choice as an employee. You succumb to the nightmare or leave, its that easy.
  • Bella E.
    This is the easiest job I have ever done. If you consider it a nightmare then you must be absolutly shhhhh....it. Go and work on the bins chief.
  • Andy D.
    Society went downhill with clip-on ties. End of.
  • SIMS
    Its called succession planning, there has to be "back fill" as there are always managers/staff leaving the business for all different reason, yes the management have to work hard for same pay, but I'd rather be doing that than trying to sign on with the other millions or so that are signing on and can't find a job and then lose their houses etc. SIM process has just started the next stage starts in a few weeks, I am hoping to some great people get what they deserve and get promoted.
  • Wise_people_avoid_DSGi
    [QUOTE: It all went downhill with clip on ties. Colleagues freedom, I dont think so. The directors want robots to deliver kpi’s. Via fives. Dont deliver then fuck off, thats your choice as an employee. You succumb to the nightmare or leave, its that easy.] I agree, PC Performance/Whateverhappens, premium profit leads, cables and memory cards MUST be sold, you have to reach your targets not on sales but on profit lines like Norton (which they get FREE, so almost pure profit). I know many section managers who have just lost their jobs at PC world, everyone got told to re-apply for their positions and basically prove that they followed the companys new rules without question. Over time I have got to know many good people within different sections of DSGi, often the best have now left or a seriously looking to leave a.s.a.p. What will be left will be those managers and staff that have no real education or skills other than what they learnt at DSGi, so they have no other option than to stay. These are usually the Managers that you dont want anyway, they dont care about the customer, or the staff they just know that DSG is their main meal ticket and without DSGi they will probably be almost unemployable with their total lack of managemant skills and people skills! Only DSGi would rather have a self trained mindless drone as a manager over a real manager who has had many years of management experience working for "good" companies! DSGi do not want Managers & staff who think for themselves, they just want drones! Enter the creepy "Fives" robots!
  • Wise_people_avoid_DSGi
    A little about the in-store Tech Guys, these work in a goldfish bowl, and are constantly beleived by PC performance customers who have paid for a "premium" service to be there to help them, they are not, although they may try *there are some good tech guys, less everyday as the good lose their jobs for being to customer friendly and not focusing only on company profits* doing so put themsleves in the line of fire from the store managers, so keep this in mind when approaching them for help. The prominent placing of the PC grey shirted tech guys in store gives customers the feeling they are linked to PC performance warrenties and to fix computer problems under the manufacturers 1 year warranty, that is not their job! They are not allowed to accept any repairs accept chargeable jobs like installing more ram, if you have a problem and have paid for premium support then you need to ring the support line and wait and wait for Customer support *telephone based tech guys* and wait, as DSGi has just made most of them redundant! There are many good people still at PC world and Curries *less as DSGi starts to weed them out* that want to help you, but they cant as their "DSGi yes men managers", believe do as your told or get out!!!So if they do help you, they will be looking for a new job if they are caught doing it and their acts are seen as not making DSGi a direct profit! This is the new DSGi way, accept it or get out! Tough times, but DSGi is a cold hearted company, with one goal PROFIT!!!!! Will it servive? Probably in some smaller form, but not as we know it today!
  • Was T.
    Happy customers will return, pissed off customers buy elsewhere and will forever avoid those with shoddy sales technique and diabolical aftersales service. A simple lesson yet to register with the DSGI board of directors, unfortunately for them the Americans know how to provide " good service " they treat their customers well because they value the custom they bring and never take them for granted. They didnt name the company "BestBuy" just because it sounds cool.
  • brenda
    in response to 'Posted by Was Techguy' March 24th DSGi just took all their laptop repair work from Teleplan so you remaining Tech Guys are going to get a bit busy. Good Luck!!
  • petra
    no respect
  • gabbyco
    Pc World are awful, I am one of the uninformed that made the mistake once of buying from PC world, my pc developed a fault they pc world were meant to repair it and then ruined the pc, I ended up buying from John Lewis, may be more expensive but they are knowledgable and I get a two year guarantee at no extra cost and respectful service. Currys digital in Deal closed hooray, I hear the one in Dover has gone even better news, I look forward to Currys Digital disappearing and PC world going the same way as the Link to another competitor or bust Sorry but Currys and DSG are awful you reap what you sow and the reputation of pc world and currys and currys digital precedes themm rebranding didn't do currys digital any good did it
  • CEO 5.
    All these people with such bad things to say. Look at the share price? Look at its performance over DSGi's peak trading season? Look at the numbers that were recently published to the City, then come back and preach some more.
  • bs 2.
    Dsgi is in a much better position than it has been in ages. Personally at the store I work at I am very proud of the experience customers get, I know we deliver good service, have some real experts in store and staff morale is better than other retail stores I've worked in. O have been here 18 months and have already had two pay rises and was asked to do the stepping into management training.
  • Phoenix
    2 pay rises in 18 months? crikey take it you don't work at the call centre in sheffield then? In all honesty the company is not bad to work for and they pay more than a lot of contact centres, i know as i am looking for a new job to progress my career. the only gripe i have is the promotional prospects at the moment. that and listening to the same thing about sales of goods and customers demanding full refunds for products 5 years old.
  • disgruntled g.
    Im not happy about the situation here, i work in a supposedly good branch in london and in 15 months i havent seen a pay rise, just personal demotion for not ripping customers off. I work hard and have a detailed knowledge of our products, where as alot of our staff remain beffudled, and what happened to the right people in the right place from my little corner on the till i watch as staff look blankly whilst a customer asks a networking question of which managment knows i could answer fully but due to running the buisness with a personal rather than buisness attitude our customers often walk away unhappy, all they want tis sales staff who can sell norton office and whatever happens yet staff like myself who sell people what they will need which is often plenty of other things get told we are crap.......I dont praise for selling more services than the sales staff I WANT A DAMNED BONUS
  • disgruntled g.
    Excuse my spelling errors as i was in a bad mood
  • mozz
    what will we web buyers do when real stores are forced out and there is nowhere to see the product? Of course then there will be no need for etailers to be cheap. They will charge what they like. They have the long term in mind. Remember when supermarkets were cheap?
  • Wanda
    Wow. This is just what I needed. This joke will make anyone laugh: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3j7uSbccSc
  • Snoop
    More redundancy consultations tomorrow. Who stays who goes.
  • Ex-AM
    I just want to put this out here, Mick from harlow = plum
  • Meet
    I Have been working for DSGi IS team and after seeing above comments from all, I just want to say "That is all past" you will experience lot of changes in stores and trust me all will be Overwhelmed. People who are worried about there jobs and money, I believe they are just coward, bcoz they have lost faith in themselves, believe in yourself and only then you can create trust in others,

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