Is this the inside of a new Xbox console?

It looks as though the specs for the new Xbox console have leaked online, with most developers seemingly nodding their heads in unison and saying that it all looks pretty legitimate. Here – look at this.

That all make sense to you? The console is being nicknamed Durango within Microsoft’s hallowed echelons and looks as though it’s packing a mighty eight-core AMD CPU running at 1.6GHz, in line with the rumoured specs of the upcoming PlayStation 4.

If the leak is to believed, the new Xbox will also have 800 MHz graphics processor with 12 shader cores that provide a total of 768 threads and a peak raw processing performance of 1.2 teraflops. It also apparently has 8GB of DDR3 RAM and 32MB of superfast ESRAM. We copied and pasted that from a cleverer website – haven’t got a frigging clue what it means.

Rather nicely, it’ll also come with a Blu-ray drive, which should help to herald the death of the DVD, just when we were starting to figure out how it works.

There’s a full run-down of the specs at VGLeaks and we’ll be able to stop speculating and see how true it all is when the new Xbox is launched, possibly in March, possibly in June, possibly NEVER.


  • XBOX F.
    Fap Fap Fap......
  • Shaz
    looks like a mid range PC....
  • Chewbacca
    fucking bw and their ridiculous moderation , which never gets reviewed because they're doss cunts.
  • LancerVancer
    Will the fucking thing finally play all media files? (mkv I'm looking at you) That's all i want to know. Chillax with the weed.
  • Pegg
    Cinavia will still make it a poor choice though for media playback, even if they add MKV support
  • Adrian V.
    just came. ps what does it mean?
  • Wayne
    whats the point of 802.11 a or b, swop it out and throw in n and ac future proof it, it needs to be competitive in 5 years time, not yesteryear.
  • Terry
    @Shaz: It is a mid range PC, but it has 1 job to do so the spec doesn't need to be high. You home PC will run a lot of things at the same time on a bloated operating system so you can do more on it.
  • Terry
    @Wayne: Why would they future proof? The only thing they need to do is make sure it is as good as the other consoles. Future proofing would mean less sales later on.

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