Is the Nintendo NX going to have cartridges?

Nintendo NX cartridges

A lot of humans really love all things retro, especially when it comes to gaming. Once, we loaded cassettes to play Jet Set Willy, and there was floppy disks, and eventually, we got to discs, which have been the standard ever since.

One thing we missed out - the mighty cartridge - might be coming back with the Nintendo NX, bringing back the joy of blowing on things to make them work.

Now, it looks like Nintendo won't be employing the same type of cartridge we used to enjoy way back when, but it does look like the NX will be using chip-based technology for the console's software.

This rumour comes after people started noticing a financial report from Macronix - the company that provided chips to consoles like the N64. Macronix have said that they'll be supplying chips for the imminent Nintendo NX.

Discs, as we know them, are on the way out, with the Nintendo Wii U being the only home console that utilises them. Of course, the PS4 and Xbox One need discs, but that's basically to dump info onto your system - they're not required for actual gameplay once that's done.

So, we can't say if the NX will be a glorious top-loader like the old days, but Nintendo could be looking at a memory stick-esque system.

Another thing, is that Nintendo will be looking at ways of making production of the NX cheaper, and one way of doing is that, is to get rid of an expensive optical disc drive.

A report from Arstechnica says: "If a 32GB ROM chip, with a large-enough rewritable sector for patch support, could replace both a Blu-ray disc and rewritable system memory—without ramping up costs a la the 64DD—then that would be a pretty forward-looking way to treat the old dinosaur that is physical media on game consoles."

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