Is Nintendo irrelevant?

nintendo-3ds Nintendo are doing too well are they? Basically, hardly anyone's bought a Wii U and everyone is dribbling over the PS4 and Xbox One now, so obviously, they're struggling to keep the pace. The figures back this Mario malaise, with the company only shifting 3.61 million Wii U consoles.

Compare that to sales of the original Wii, whiched shifted more than 100 million, trashing the PS3 and Xbox 360.

And now, Naughty Dog co-founder and former THQ president Jason Rubin reckons that Nintendo doesn't have a place at the table next to Microsoft and Sony in the console market. Big talk. He says: "Nintendo's irrelevant as a hardware manufacturer in the console business."

He added that Nintendo are indeed a "worldwide treasure" and praised designer Shigeru Miyamoto for his contribution to the gaming industry, but he is irked that big-hitters like Mario and Zelda are exclusive to Nintendo, saying: "It is a crime that we do not play those games on the systems that we have."

Nintendo have been slashing the price of the Wii U in a bid to reignite some interest. However, many megamarkets have stopped stocking it altogether, such is the scant demand.

Are we going to see Nintendo offering Mario and Zelda up to other platforms, like Sega did with Sonic the Hedgehog? If they don't, we might be looking at another Deathwatch.


  • Sega
    "Nintendo are doing too well"? I agree.
  • Bob S.
    3DS is going dambusters. Hopefully the Wii U will get in the swing of things once there's more games.
  • Paul C.
    They have £6billion in the bank. They can afford to fuck up a few more times and carry on like arrogant pricks.
  • Max P.
    "Nintendo are doing too well are they?" "... the original Wii, whiched shifted..." It seems proofreading is also irrelevant to whoever typed this up.
  • Cozy F.
    I miss Sega systems.
  • John
    "And now, Naughty Dog co-founder and former THQ president Jason Rubin...... but he is irked that big-hitters like Mario and Zelda are exclusive to Nintendo, saying: ”It is a crime that we do not play those games on the systems that we have.” It's bit of a joke to make a comment like that when the developer you set up is owned by Sony and unsurprisingly only develops software for Sony platforms. I don't agree with his comments on the hardware either even though I've not been interested in Nintendo hardware since the N64 days but at least Nintendo try to do different things with their hardware even though it doesn't always work out. Whereas the PS4 and the Xbox One has been the dullest console launch I can remember, both consoles offer near identical hardware which itself is just fairly low powered off the shelf PC hardware (I'm surprised they can't even both manage 1080p with decent detail and framerates). If anything, the argument should be Microsoft and Sony shouldn't bother producing separate hardware while Nintendo can still offer something a bit different. John
  • Calverz
    "We could be looking at another deathwatch." Ok, im the first to admit that the wii is shite. Nut trust me, while wii u is struggling, nintendo as a company are not. They have billions in the bank. 3ds is a cash cow and to put it into perspective, remember mario kart wii? Well that little game has sold more copies than all of the halo games combined. COMBINED. Think about that for a moment. To say they are deathwatch is ignorant, and the lack of research shown is pathetic.
  • Les D.
    playstation, xbox and sega sytems have always been for REAL gamers. Nintendo was for gamers up until it decided to screw them all and just cater to idiots who liked ant n dec. "ooh look at ant n dec having fun on the sofa with their little wii wii - lets go and buy one for the novelty." The wii was and always has been a gimmick targeted towards non-gamers and, since the general public are like sheep, they have deserted it just like they did with PC's for tablets. tossers.
  • smashingnicey
    Wow - you should write for the mail. The Xbone and PS4 are basically PC's optimised for use with TVs... that's why I can get the exact same games (minus anything by naughty dog and a handful of console specific games) on my PC at much better quality and resolution that either of the 'next gen' consoles. Not only that, I get them for a fraction of the price. The exception for me is Nintendo. So how about we wait until the steam box gathers pace next year to add another system into the mix. Yes, it's just another box, but when sony and microsoft see the games selling via steam at a fraction of the cost I think you'll see another shift. I love nintendo - they goof up - their marketing stinks, but the quality of the games and love for them keep them well up there. That's why I'm buying a wii U - why the hell would I care if they sell less than sony or microsoft? I'd play mario over killzone every day. And don't get me started on Knack or Ryse.
  • Mongo D.
    Nintendo more relevant than "news" article on Bitterwallet, which generally based on conjecture or spin and are months out of date. Need lie down now, Geordie brain not designed for thought, head hurt.
  • tin
    @Les Dennis Nah, they catered for "REAL" gamers until they could see the writing on the wall that they were about to get royally fucked by Sony and MS and decided the only thing to do was something completely different.
  • JonB
    This is quite amusing because I've read articles in the US proposing that people buy WiiU consoles instead of PS4s or Xbones because there are far more games available. They also like the control pad as opposed to the wave (motion) control on the Sony and M$ platforms.
  • The D.
    @les Dennis Obviously your upset that you cannot get your TPS titles on nintendo....What do YOU class as a Real gamer? Someone who just plays Call Of Duty all day? The N64 & Gamecube both catered for what you probably class as gamers, nintendo just opened their market to cover a larger audience....My children much prefer the WII to the Playstation whereas I use the Playstation more. Knobber!
  • Paul C.
    @Les Dennis Clearly, you've never played Chucky Egg. Now that's for REAL GAMERZ.
  • Les D.
    It really is amazing the way you all supply the same type of uneducated, stereotyped and, quite frankly, retarded rebuttals. I love the way all you people who are pissed off that nintendo shafted them then go on to abuse people who point out the truth about their pathetic party trick system. How do i know you lot know fuck all about games? Well since i have a generous 30 years of experience in gaming i would say that you should bow to my authority. @ The Real Les Dennis - the fact that you give you children a wii to play on while you keep the good stuff to yourself says it all really. I bet you get them the latest one direction CD as well. rofl. rofl. rofl.

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