iPlayer and Xbox - together AT LAST

BBC_iPlayer_Radio_logo BBC iPlayer is going to be on Xbox One consoles by the end of the year.

Sing hosanna!

The marvellousness of iPlayer has already been on Sony PS4s since they came out, but there's been seemingly no joy for Xboxers.

This gladdening news came via a FAQ thing on a BBC blog, wherein iPlayer's executive project manager Marcus Parnwell bugled in response to an Xbox query: "I am happy to announce that we're aiming to launch new BBC iPlayer on Xbox One by the end of this year."

It's part of further development for iPlayer, with the blog detailing other TVs, Blu-rays and the like such as YouView, Virgin Media and BT boxes that will get the updated interface that others have had since earlier this year.

Parnwell tried to calm the quickening unrest, with a mild reassurance of: "Whilst I cannot announce dates, we are targeting this year for these platforms. Similarly, other devices on our legacy version of BBC iPlayer will be migrated to the new version this year as well."


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