Instant Mac gaming as Steam service expands

13 May 2010

world_of_goo Hey! Games freaks! Over here!

Sorry, we didn’t mean to imply that you’re a freak if you play games – we’re all adults now and we’ve all grown up with gaming as a perfectly normal form of entertainment. Games certainly aren’t solely for losers, nerds and people who are mortally fearful of other humans and daylight. Now as for Apple Mac users…

Sorry again, we’re getting away from the point. For a while now, PC gamers have been able to get their fix instantly with the downloadable Steam service. Games galore, fired straight down an internet pipe and into their homes and minds. Lovely.

But all the while, Mac users looked on in envy – a situation not helped by the fact that there are scores more games available for PCs than there are for Macs. Part of that problem now has a solution.

Steam is finally here for the Mac. So all you ‘groovy’ creative types can stop airbrushing away the flabbier parts of the thighs of Hollywood actresses and start wasting hour upon hour playing World Of Goo (pictured) instead.


  • Avid B.
    Except you should've bought World of Goo from the Humble Bundle for as cheap as $0.01 along with a few other games too Still available!
  • alan
    Importantly, the instant classic Portal is free to download for Mac and PC users until 24th May...
  • Gunn
    Why they don't have a client for the PS3 is bonkers, how many mac users will actually buy games, not many I reckon.
  • Simon B.
    Why don't they have this for PS3, seriously? FFS.
  • Yue
    And yet right now Steam is down.
  • SysOp
    Only homo's use MAC's. Get a real PC n00bs.
  • smashingnicey
    Damn, I had no idea I was a homo. Oh well, off to tell the missus the bad news. Anyhoo, Mac chaps - get Braid, it's indie and smashing.

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