In the shops now! - web deal means paying twice the price

Seriously, folks. If you're the bozo in charge of inputting this data, it's your job to get these numbers right. If you were working in an air-traffic control tower, people would be dead.

Unless you've been doing your gig properly, and what we are in fact witnessing is one of the most head-bendingly nonsensical online offers ever. Maybe PC World are experimenting with some sort of mind control, attempting to overpower your conscious state by filling your head with dribble like this:

Bitterwallet reader James Falkingham escaped with his brains intact after finding this deal online. Will you be next? More offers of madness please, to [email protected]


  • -=Mike H.
    Yeah, but if you live on Iona, and your nearest PCWorld store is, for want of a better word... 'FUCKIN*G MILES AWAY', then this is a, in the words of, now deceased, Bon Scott off of AB/CD dirty deal done dirt cheap
  • Joff
    Isn't the whole point to get footfall through the doors so highly trained DSGI staff can play their Derren Brown style mind techniques to get you to buy copies of random AV software.
  • Sasto
    But it does include batteries!
  • bolloz
    its a friggin typo error for fucks sake man.... howe many products do they have....human error get a fucking life
  • Oh D.
    Instead of putting this here why don't you contact PCWorld if you feel this is indeed human error. Waste of bloody time.
  • Fred C.
    Is this "in store" price campaign a master stroke?! Cheaper price encourages buyer to go into store to potentially buy more goods plus insurane policies and more credit agreements.
  • life?
    Who wastes there time looking around for mistakes/poor offers like the above, DO YOU HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO!!??
  • Darren W.
    Look at all the PCWorld staff coming to the defense over a so called Typo, error.... how can you make an error on typing in the price!!! Just shows you the intelligence of PC World... However, I can guarantee that if these guys didn't work for PC WORLD they would be joining in!!! and to LIFE? maybe he genuinely did want to buy this item, but thought it was hilarious after looking at the simple, plain stupid mistake made by PC world!! so He went to Amazon instead!!
  • Paul N.
    what a sstory dumb or what
  • Anti-Prick B.
    Bored. Simply bored of this website and it's lame attempt at attracting attention to itself by clutching to the snail trail of the emotionally challenged who believe it is their god given right to slander everything in sight because they want something for nothing and they can't have it.
  • Oh D.
    PC World Staff? I don't believe I am... I hope. I dislike PC World as much as the next person, but shit like this on a website that I use reguarly (Bitterwallet) fails to amuse me. I like keeping track of whats happening in the world of business but really what is the point of this. Spend a little bit of time to find something better to post.
  • Hmmmm
    Totally agree with Oh Dear. Interesting stories can make a good read and this site can be useful for that, but posting total tosh like this is just plain rubbish

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