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10 February 2009

A quick shake of the Bitterwallet email tree this lunchtime, and these beautiful specimens of email monkey fell to the ground. We'll boil them up in a delicious consumer broth later, or maybe we'll drop this largely pointless analogy and step straight to the maths-mangling manure that is the pat of retail product pricing.

First up, it's hello to Bitterwallet reader Carl, who found Comet selling a printer with a multiple personality disorder:

Next, reader Dan Beasley squeezed every last ounce out of his Masters in Applied Mathematics, but still failed to make this deal in his local Currys make sense:

Finally, Andy sent us another "special" offer from the PC World sale, which somehow makes even less sense than the last:

Found a special offer that looks like it fell in front of a train? Online or in-store, they're all the same to us; send your photos and links to [email protected]


  • Martin
    I'm glad I didn't buy a calculator from currys.
  • darren w.
    BRILLIANT on the last one with the postage cost!!, I remember a Kids saturday morning programme where they asked viewers to find the most expensive can of pepsi, it was Tescos at £5.50... 50p for the can and £5 for the delivery!!! QUALITY
  • Oh D.
    Really... I suppose some people don't have jobs so they can afford their time emailing you with shit like this.
  • life?
    somebody actually stopped in a shop and took a photo of a ticket to post on a website, YOU SAD SAD little people
  • watcher
    That is a Comet ticket... not Currys
  • diggradu
  • Hmmmm
    Looks like the joke is on Mr Dan Beasley who can't even read the sign above the shop he enters.... All together now just for dan C O M E T, Spells COMET, NOT CURRYS.

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