In the shops now! PC World's Chinese is all greek to me...

23 September 2009

We're not sure what the Manadrin language might sound like, but then we're hardly well-travelled citizens of Planet Earth - unlike the global ambassadors working at EuroTalk and PC World:

Bitterwallet - anyone for Manadrin?

It never instills confidence when a product claiming to teach a complex foreign language can't spell the name correctly. Thanks to Bitterwallet reader Mark for sending it in. More stuff and nonsense please, to the usual address - [email protected]

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  • Arty F.
    Fuck those Polish birds are Hot!!
  • My P.
    I prefer oranges
  • iBone
    Photoshopped. Prove it with a receipt.
  • Jack
    PC World don't even make this product so I have no idea why they get the blame? Amazon's pic shows it's wrong -
  • Mark
    I was the one that took this shot, its 100% real. Hedge End PC World.
  • Marcus S.
    "getting the blame"? what is it about PCW/DSG that brings the nutters out.
  • lee
    no-one seems to have picked up on the fact that "eurotalk" are doing a chinese language pack, now i know globalisation and cheap plane fares are theoretically shrinking the world but im sure china is not in europe!

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