In the shops now! How much for a PC World flash drive?

Well, it's not in the shops now actually, unless you're somehow reading this last month, and that doesn't even begin to make sense. Sent into us by Bitterwallet reader Ben, it's a 4GB flash drive from PC World:

And at the thick end of £70 for just one, you'd hope it was at least reasonably dependable as stated, and hopefully seven times more dependable than the same product advertised online, which Ben found for under a tenner.

More pricepoint tomfoolery if you please, to [email protected]


  • > H.
    You have missed the unique selling point of this device Paul/Ben, it is a 'Jumpdrive' like the one found on Elite. At the click of your mouse, this device can propel you and your PC to another point in space, trillions of lightyears away instantaneously, I mean come on, Jumpdrives are at least, what? £12m? So @ £68.49 this is a fookin bargain.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    Ha ha, brilliant 4GB pen drive for more then what I paid for my 1TB external 6 months ago.... I'm lovin it! :D
  • Mr_E
    they are now £6.99 in store.. dosent seem too bad
  • ian R.
    All high street electical shops are a rip off at best. I saw an Air Duster - yes a can of air for £15 in Currys last night. WTF?
  • Mike U.
    I picked up a Cruzer Titanium8gb drive last night form PC World for £12, they do have bargains sometimes
  • The B.
    Ah, but that just brings to mind their catchphrase: WHERE IN THE WORLD (would be so bloody minded as to sell something at the same retail price as 3 years ago) PC WORLD
  • James
    I bought two of this EXACT model of flashdrive from 18 MONTHS AGO for £22 lol
  • carl N.
    This product actually cost £6.99 at PC World check website just type on the product code 009373. i would guess the store has not changed there ticket (you can see the date 24/03/2007 on the bottom left hand corner)! at £6.99 it appears to be alot cheaper than most of you guys paid!!!!
  • Jakg
    Woah dear god that is a bad ticket.
  • Bargain
    Please remember the customer is paying that extra bit for the superior product advice that the specialist staff provide.... ....Nah, Who am I kidding.
  • Amanda H.
    Comet are doing this for £59.99. If your smart like me, you'll get PC World to price Match.
  • DF
    And for an extra thirty pounds, they'll install it for you!
  • James R.
    I'd expect to shag the skanky check out chick for this price as well
  • Sean
    Wouldn't bother James, ehe aint worth anywhere near £70 either.

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