In the shops now! - free ain't what it use to be

A cracking deal from Game, as spotted Bitterwallet reader Steve. You want something for free? It's gonna cost you, bud:


  • get t.
    Thats not its
  • Steve
    I did tell them it was for Game - but they seem to have confused with a dodgy T-shirt deal I also pointed out on
  • Andrew R.
    Paul - you have been called up on your error. You must now post a SUPER SECRET about Andy Dawson. Preferably one of an embarassing sexual nature.
  • Paul S.
    Aha! Apologies to Play. Steve - that'll teach you to be clever - you know I'm a simple man. A SUPER SECRET about Andy Dawson, one of an embarrassing sexual nature? He shouts "titting hell mother" during the vinegar strokes.
  • Steve
    I think we need to see a warning on the site telling people that they should leave a significant time between sending emails in.......
  • Bill B.
    Why's this tagged "" too?
  • Paul S.
    Because I was still mucking about in my "back end", Bill. All fixed now.
  • Lumoruk
    What's a vinegar stroke?
  • Sam
    That is superb, and totally expected from a site like GaYme.
  • Tom P.
    "What’s a vinegar stroke?" It's your happy face before you shoot your load.
  • Martha F.
    Cum on lads! FFS!
  • Nobby
    If you look at the RRPs, the game plus free DVD is £34.99 and the game by itself is £44.99. So the DVD is worth exactly -£10.00.
  • Andrew R.
    Now THAT'S a bargain.
  • Jack
    I hate "FREE" stuff, it rarely ever is "FREE" anymore. There should be rules against using the word, just call it "subsidised bundle" or something boring instead!!

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