In the shops now! Digital downloads will cost you at GAME

In the future we'll have no need for material possessions because everything will be available via download. EVERYTHING. Girlfriends, sunshine, shoes, failure, even computer games. Downloading provides the customer with instant gratification while the supplier has none of the pesky overheads associated with manufacturing a physical product. It's a pity nobody has told GAME that, as avid Bitterwallet reader Chris points out. Want to download Mass Effect 2 for your PC? It'll cost you:

Bitterwallet - GAME charge more for downloads

Says Chris:

I can only imagine that the downloadable version will be somehow beamed directly into our brains, giving us the ability to experience hot girl on alien-girl action wherever we are, whether it be at work, in the bus queue or so forth. Otherwise I can't imagine how Game could justify the extra tenner.

GAME may point to the distributor offering discount for a bulk order, which obviously isn't the case with downloads. Still, why the christing hell is anybody going to invest in a download when that extra tenner could get you a crate of Captain Stella?


  • Paul
    Perhaps the download version unlocks at midnight on the release date, whereas you'd need to wait for the postman otherwise... But then you normally get stuff the day before release date... But then there's plenty of people who don't know that and would be attracted to the download... I'm not one of them, btw... And 'hell' should have a uppercase 'H' ;-)
  • Paul
    Oh and also, as we all know RM are the Worst Company in Britain 2009, maybe the download is worth it?!
  • DrTrouserPlank
    Companies just don't seem to grasp the whole idea that digital downloads should be cheaper than their material counterpart. At the very least they need to understand that this is what the customer expects and tailor their prices accordingly.
  • Sing B.
    Not just Game, Microsoft's Games on Demand has crap prices on games that have been out for a while and available cheaply on disc.
  • tom
    why should digital downloads be cheaper? one reason for the reduced prices in shops is to get you through the door in the hope you spend the money you have saved on other goods.
  • dunfyboy
    Coz it's just a bunch of zeroes and ones. This is the problem with the game, movie and music industries. Instead of offering downloads at cheap prices they try to rip off the customer. Customer says "fuck off, I'll download a pirated copy". Industry cries to Mandleson rather than getting their act together. Customer hates the industry even more, instead of downloading the occasional pirated copy they vow to never again pay for anything. Industry types lose their jobs prospering on the creativity of others and commit suicide. Customer pisses on their graves. Well, we all need a dream.

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