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7 October 2014

how to expertSo, you've got yourself a PlayStation 4 and have worried an ass-groove into the sofa while hammering buttons through hours of Killzone and the like?

While you've been going nutso in your favourite games, there's a chance that you may not have delved into the useful features inside your PS4 yet. If you have, well done you. If not, don't worry, we've cherry picked some of the best things for you to muck around with.

The PS4 has a load of cool features and here are some of our favourites. If you have your own that we've missed, leave a comment and we'll add them to the list!

Quick Switch Between Apps

If you need to switch between apps quickly - so, say you're playing a game and you want to go look up some cheats for it - instead of messing around with your phone, you can swap between apps by double tapping the PS Home button. That means you can get from a game to the browser without any faff.

Voice Commands

A lot of people find the Xbox One's voice control thing a bit creepy, but if you've been wanting it for your PS4, you can! You'll need a PlayStation 4 Camera and, with it installed, go to Settings, then Login Settings and select Enable Face Recognition. Then, you'll go to Face Recognition Management and complete the set-up. You can also use the camera's microphones to issue voice commands so you can speak your way through the menus and the like. For that, hit Settings, System and select the Operate PS4 With Voice option. For voice commands you can do that without the camera - you'd just need any microphone connected to your console.

Save Money And Power

Want to save how much power your PS4 is using? Go into the console's settings menu and find 'Power Save Settings' where you can set your PS4 to shut down after periods of inactivity. Great if you're the kind of person who would fall asleep while playing games, meaning that the thing isn't left on all night.

Standby Mode Tips

This is well known, but worth mentioning for you console newbies. In standby mode, you can enable auto downloads and uploads which means you don't have to put up with tedious timebars. Go to Settings, System, Automatic Downloads and Uploads and then access Settings, Power Save Settings and Set Functions Available in Standby Mode. Now, when you turn your PS4 on to play games, you won't have to wait for a load of updates or whatever, as it will have already done them.

You can also charge your controller in standby mode, which is great seeing as the new Dualshock 4 has a pretty crappy battery life. To switch this on, go to Settings, Power Save Settings, Set Functions Available in Standby Mode and tick the box for Supply Power from USB Ports.

Add Voiceover

Are you the kind of person who likes to make walkthrough videos or what have you? Well, as well as the fact that the PS4 continually records your previous 15 minutes of gaming automatically (which is great), you can also enable microphone audio recording through the Share menu. Go into the options, hit 'Share Settings' and 'Video Clip Settings' and you'll see the option for 'Include Microphone Audio in Video Clip'.

Save Hard Drive Space

You can upload system data to online storage or a USB drive, which is nifty. Go to Settings then Application Saved Data Management and you'll find a straightforward menu for uploading and downloading data.

Quicker Screenshots

Want to take a screenshot of your game? Well, you have to press and hold the share button for a few seconds normally, but there's a tweak you can do to streamline the whole process. You can change your setting so that a brief tap of the share button creates a screengrab and holding it down loads up the share app. To do this, open the share menu, hit 'Options' and go to 'Share Settings'. From here, choose the 'SHARE Button Control Type' and go through your options. If you like showing off your gameplay, this will save you loads of time.


If you plug a pair of regular headphones into your DualShock controller and adjust the settings on your PS4 after holding down the PS button, you can listen to the game without having to mess around plugging your 'phones into the telly or having to much about with wireless audio.

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  • Ulysses31
    you forgot to mention that plugging in a regular pair of audio headphones (not the talky ones) in the joypad socket and adjusting the device setting's audio (done when holding down the PS button) allows you to hear the in-game sounds. so no need to plug headphones into the side of your telly or waste time faffin around with wireless audio. Smoke that one in your pipe M$

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