How not to sell a Nintendo Wii on television

This isn't the way to advertise a Wii on a shopping channel, but it could be ideal for selling them up to a new flatscreen television. On the plus side, the demonstrator did an excellent job of inadvertently emphasising with all those young mothers who have also written off the gogglebox:

[YouTube] via [Dubai 92]


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  • gravy
  • Gunn
    Is anyone getting stats on the number of TV's destroyed by the Wii. Ironically your old CRT telly could withstand a small plastic tennis racket being thrown at it!
  • mustafa
  • Someone's m.
    Doesn't he start at BitterWallet next week?
  • Bullet
    Nan on Wii hits LCD tv with wii remote is better.
  • Ian
    ^^^ Lamest video ever
  • Ronnie C.
    Ideal, get the mother in law to stand in front of telly when playing this game.
  • Sterling S.
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