HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wii Special!

HotUKDeals has a wide variety of bargains of all shapes and sizes – there really is literally something for everyone. Gadzooks!

With that in mind, all of today’s one-off Deals Of The Day special are for the Nintendo Wii. How fair is that? Not very. Ah well, life’s like that. Onwards then…

The deal that prompted this Wii special is a very generous chance to get Wii Fit for £41.48. I expected mine to tell me I was obese – I got away with ‘overweight.’ Still, it’s been back in the box ever since. Click here to find out how you can grab yourself a piece of the cheapo action.
(deal found by slacky666)

Next, we’ve got a sighting of a Nunchuck controller for just over a tenner, a fair few quid off the RRP. If you’re a Wii owner, you’ve probably got a spare Wiimote, but it’s well worth getting a spare Nunchuck as well – you’ll definitely need it one day and it’ll prevent an evening of fun from descending into a ocean of bawling and tears.
(deal found by hs-sh)

Lastly, another Wii add-on. The Zapper - for just £14.99 delivered. The realistic feel of packing heat without the inevitable spilling of claret and certain imprisonment. By ‘packing heat’ we mean ‘waving a light, white plastic gun around your living room.’ Link's Crossbow Training comes bundled with the Zapper to give you something to do with it.
Proper deals for proper adults back after the weekend y’all…
(deal found by stu83)


  • Bob
    Isn't £14.99 the rrp of the wii zapper?
  • chrisg
    £17.99 is the Wii Zapper RRP.
    oh dear encouraging people to be dssapointed with that wii fit offer come on man there is no way they are gonna honour these orders and lose money on every 1 sent waste of time and mark my words there are gonna be a lot of dissapointed people!! you heard it here first!!
  • scouse
    LOL the wii zapper is crap and awkward to use your better of using one of those cheap ebay ones that is just a gun that the nunchuk lead plugs into Links crossbow training is below average at best but i suppose it makes buying the zapper worth it if your desperate although house of the dead , ghost squad , resident evil and a few other games are more fun and upcoming The Conduit looks good , i have both so i can make that statement. The wii fit is a good deal if they honour it and the wii board can be used on a few games now but more to come in the future like wii sports 2 which looks great
  • Mike H.
    Why don't you stick your Wii zapper up your ass and go outside to play, or are you scared of the chav?

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