HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 3rd February

hukd_logob1 Right then you greasy bunch of knuckle-dragging spendthrifts – here’s some more bargains for your to hunch over while you rub yourselves half-blind. Sorry about that – it was a bit rude.

As ever, the idiots at HotUKDeals found the bargains. Hmmm… sorry about that as well – that could have been nicer as well.

600364The already-scorched land that is HotUKDeals is burning to a crisp today with this one – a Super Elite Xbox 360 console with a 250GB hard drive for only £199.99. Plus it comes bundled with two controllers, one month of free Xbox Live AND Forza 3 so that you can pretend you’re a Top Gear presenter.

The only way this could be even better would be if it came wearing a fur trappers’ hat with a little bit of tinsel hanging off the side. Oh yes, and if it was cheaper. It would probably be better if it was a bit cheaper too. But still…

600444Next comes a printer/scanner/photocopier machine thing. It’s made by Epson, the same people behind the award-winning racecourse and is only £52.95 delivered, as opposed to its RRP of £99.99.

We’ve got one nestled away in the corner of BW HQ and can vouch for its quality. So far today we’ve printed off 26 LOL-worthy black and white pictures of kittens doing silly things. Watch out – we might set up a spin-off site based on kittens doing silly things. No one has thought of THAT before!

600399If you’ve seen the Pixar film ‘Up’ you’ll have been delighted by the tale of an old man who ties balloons to his trousers and flies around the world, farting magic on to the poor and starving until he is shot down by big game hunters. Or so we’re told – we haven’t got round to seeing it yet. Well it’s available to pre-order for just 16.07.

What’s more, this is a mammoth 4-disc collection, incorporating two Blu-ray discs, one DVD and one digital copy disc allowing you to transfer the movie on to a device of your choice. There’s hours of never-before-seen footage and bonus bits and you’ll probably never ever need to own another disc ever again. Phew!

(deals found by HUKD members captainhaz, Robbieski and andywedge)

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