HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 25th November

25 November 2009

hukd_logob1 If you’re a colossal pervert with a thing for Miss Rabbit off of Peppa Pig and you also love butter and gaming, then have we got a line-up for you?

Tragically, yes, we do. But it would be nothing without the help of HotUKDeals.

537855If you’ve got a child under the age of eight, you’ve almost certainly been a visitor to the happy, brightly-coloured world of Peppa Pig and her chums. And if you’re male and with a certain kink in your personality, you’ve possibly got a bit of a thing for Miss Rabbit, Peppa’s school teacher. It’s the voice isn’t it? Pure filth.

Anyway, we digress. Now you can take control of Miss Rabbit but in a good way, by purchasing her helicopter for half price – only £8.49. It plays the Peppa Pig theme tune and comes with free spinning rotor blades, re-tractable winch rope and removable Miss Rabbit figure! Easy fellas!

Screen shot 2009-11-25 at 14.28.37We move on seamlessly from the world on unusual, borderline immoral emotional yearnings to the altogether safer world of Irish butter. To be more specific, Kerrygold.

A 250 gram chunk of the stuff can be had for only 50p at the moment, or you can get two for £1.60 (as seen in the picture on the left.) A lovely lump of butter it is and no mistake, but probably best if you don’t use it to lubricate a children’s toy before ramming it up your…. (‘snip!’ – Ed)

wiiFinally, the big one of the day. One of the cheapest sightings yet of a Nintendo Wii console and a bloody good reason for you to go out and finally get yourself one. By ‘go out’ we mean ‘go online’ cos it’s one of them offers.

For only £134.99, you’ll become the proud owner of a Wii console, a Nunchuck controller, a Wiimote controller and the Wii Sports Resort game. You can’t go wrong unless you’ve already got one. In which case, smother it in butter and roast it in the oven – it’s probably delicious when cooked as well!

(deals found by HUKD members 4lyons09, BMR and amibees)

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  • Late
    The Wii bundle includes the old Sports game - not the new Sports Resort.
    • Andy D.
      You're right - the HUKD pic shows Wii Sports Resort. My mistake, the deal now officially STINKS!

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