HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 24th August

new hukd logo Are you the sort of living, breathing human being who enjoys playing video games while listening to sweet, soulful sounds of the UK’s top female vocalist? And do you like to make sure that your body is nice and clean and fresh while you’re doing that?

Good – you’ll love today’s selection of bargains then – all purloined from the pages of HotUKDeals.

1001251_1Is there anyone who still doesn’t have a copy of Adele’s superlative album ‘19’ yet? Recorded over a 15-year period, during which the groundbreaking vocalist visited 848 countries and enlisted the help of 17,528 guest musicians, it’s the nearest thing to the encapsulation of the meaning of life, put into musical form.

Or something like that, if you read the reviews and pay attention to all the awards that she’s won. Either way, you can judge for yourself for the paltry price of just £3.00 for the CD of the album right now. Or just buy one for your mum and put it away for Christmas.

1001169_1Here at Bitterwallet, when it comes to shower gel, we’re very choosy instead about what we lather ourselves up with in the communal bathroom before we start crimefighting every morning. We’ve got no time for cheap stuff, although we’ve got a strange collective love for the smell of dog shampoo.

Having said that, very close to the top of our shower gel charts is the stuff that the good folk at Radox knock out. And for a limited period, you can get it in a ‘buy one get two free offer’ on their 250ml bottles, giving you three of the things for only £1.90. Delicious.

1000725_1Finally, here’s another offer for the Sony PS3, and possibly as cheap as it’s ever been for this, the 160GB Slim version of the console.

It truly is a wondrous machine – you can play games on it, watch streaming TV and movies, play Blu-rays, and if you hurl one through the window of a jewellers shop, you can probably make off with a load of diamonds courtesy of it. All that for as little as £165.00.

(deals found by HUKD members djmetsandy, afglhr and myst_eri)

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