HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 23rd March

hukd_logob1 Sadly, the world learned of the death of pop star Elizabeth Taylor earlier today. With that in mind, we’ve decided to pay tribute to her in our own special way – by highlighting some stuff that we reckon she would have loved had she lived. You know, posh celebrity-type stuff.

As ever, it all emanates from the humble pages of HotUKDeals – a website that will probably never be made into a Hollywood film.

904681_1Tragically, for the last few years of her life, we imagine Elizabeth Taylor spent most of her time in bed, what with her being old and poorly and that. As such, we imagine she had a really cool Hollywood-type bed, one with a telly built into it.

One like this Oslo one. It’s a double bed and has a 19” Samsung telly at the foot of it. In fact we imagine this is the very one that Elizabeth had herself. If she’d been alive today, and had needed to replace it, she would have only paid £399.00 for it. Which would definitely have put a smile on her face.

904662_1But Ms. Taylor wouldn’t have only been about watching TV and films on the telly – we reckon that during her bed-ridden years, she became an avid gamer. But which console would she have had – a PS3 or an Xbox360? The answer is BOTH – she was a major star, remember?

As a nod to her ongoing battle with weight-gain in her latter years, we’re certain that the acting legend would have gone for the slim version of each console. She’d have got a PS3 Slim (160GB) for only £199 and an Xbox 360 Slim (250GB) for an even-more-amazing £149.99.

904632_1As we just mentioned there, Elizabeth struggled with weight issues in later life, but what a life! Gala dinners, premieres and midnight snacks – she’d have had it all. Nothing but the best would have been acceptable for such a huge star.

For example, when it came to biscuits, you can bet she didn’t fuck about with Blue Ribands or Jammie Dodgers. Oh no – it’d have been top notch stuff all the way. Something like McVities Gold Bars, a 9-pack of which you can get for only £1.00, on a BOGOF offer. Now YOU can feel like one of the greatest actresses of all time as well.

(deals found by HUKD members mamboboy, SolidWarrior, drake57 and gaggingferret)


  • Boris
    Wouldn't it be better to set up some kind of twitter feed linked to her death to get your advertising through ...
  • Sick
    Bunch of sick twats, talk about treading on someones grave, another bit of shit wrote, by some chav around 14 years old,
  • JaffaCake
    Hilarious. Really. Well, it might have been, save for the fact that someone actually died.

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