HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 18th August

hukd_logob1 HotUKDeals Of The Day is Bitterwallet's longest running feature, so it can be a challenge to write these introductory paragraphs in a style that remains relevant and meaningful to you, the Bitterwallet reader.

It's no surprise, however, that once we've highlighted these concerns, we're ready to move onto today's three deals without giving the matter a second thought.

We start with what might be the hottest deal in the Alpha quadrant. If you've ever sampled Jim Beam Black, you'll find it a wrench to sully your mouth with Jack Daniels ever again. It's the finest bourbon ever, according to me at least, and a 70cl bottle is just a tenner in-store at Tesco right now. A tenner. Sweet muscular Jesus, it's normally £22!

That said, it's not to be found in every branch of Tesco - a few HUKD members have reported no availability in their area, and I left my desk during this paragraph to drive to my local Tesco, and there was none. Bah. The rest of this post will therefore be compiled while sober.

If you can't continue as a practising alcoholic, why not give your thumbs a bloody good workout. Yes? Excellent news for you, then - Brutal Legend for the Xbox 360 is just £6.99 at Argos.

It's a brilliant game; you play an engineer who has created a process that will make your employers billions, though sinister parties will do anything to steal it.

Wait, that's the plot of The Spanish Prisoner. Sorry.

And least, though by every means last, get your hands on 15 Finish Dishwasher Classic Tablets for just a single, shiny quid coin at ASDA. Be careful - they're not waterproof and will dissolve if you accidentally wash them.

(deals found by HUKD members craigmc87, whizzkid and Oscar1)


  • Alexis
    So Finish are just demonstrating that it costs them about 50p to manufacture. That's one hell of markup when they sell them for £6.
  • Gunn
    I only buy dishwasher tabs when they are half price which seems to be just about every other week. Recommenend finish quantum.
  • James
    The Jim Beam deal (70cl - not 75cl as advertised) seems to be the normal price in my local Tesco (no yellow ticket for it, which suggests to me that it's the normal price now). Sipping it now, it's really rather nice.

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