HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 16th June

hukd_logob1 Time for our daily look at some of the heatiest bargains around at the moment – today we bring you some Xbox thing that we don’t really understand, a thing that cooks food much slower than it needs to and a nice pink cube that plays tunes.

If that hasn’t made you lick all your lips off in anticipation, then there’s all of that sort of stuff and much more over at HotUKDeals right now…

701254Xbox owners! Want to watch Sky but don’t fancy having a big dish on your wall? Well there’s a product just for you and it’s down from £29.99 to just £9.99 right now, in a street near you. Hopefully. If they haven’t all gone by now.

It’s the Xbox 360 Sky Sports and Entertainment pack. It’ll allow you to watch Sky via your Xbox, but subject to a £34 per month subscription fee. BUT, you’ll get the first month free. There’s still a few left at this price around the land, so happy hunting…

700977Now for something that is even cheaper and that will even help to keep you alive, as opposed to a gizmo that will let you watch Blackpool v West Ham and the occasional episode of House.

It’s a slow cooker and it’s currently only £4.89. Yes, rub your eyes all you like, that’s what we said - £4.89. Bung in a couple of chops, some onions, a bit of salt and some Angel Delight, go on holiday for a couple of weeks, come back and it should be ready to eat.

701055Finally, a nice pink portable speaker for listening to your music on the go. It’s cube-shaped too, so that means you can comfortably sit a leprechaun on it if you need to. Better still, it’s only £3.24.

It’s perfect for listening to the sounds of Pink, The Big Pink and the soundtrack from The Pink Panther. Oh, and Pink Floyd. How could we have forgotten about Pink Floyd? Oh, of course, it’s because they’re really boring.

(deals found by HUKD members taswir1, stockie and G0OSE)


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    Pink Floyd boring? A new (and unbelievable) BitterWallet low...
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    Fantastic post….. I have been wanting this for so long but didn’t want to take time to cook it….. worth an attempt with a crockpot. Maintain the good work and when are we going to hear how your meeting within NY went? Necole Donmore
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