HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 13th May

As regular as a foul-mouthed tirade from our devoted reader and commentator Mike Hock, here’s todays round-up of top-notch bargains pilfered from HotUKDeals.

One deal has been setting the world alight over at HUKD today – seasoned forumneers have been rubbing their eyes in disbelief, foaming at the mouthpiece, locking their doors and waiting for the Rapture.

It’s not that huge – but what it is is a 80GB HDD PS3 complete with a Blu-Ray of the movie 300, and it’s going for an obscenely cheap £249.99! Get over to HUKD and find out how you can get even more money off. Gosh.

It’s the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday night, but one thing will be sadly missing – the gently acerbic commentary of Terry Wogan. Famously, Wogan would slowly work his way through two bottles of Baileys as fuel for his withering disdain for the whole thing as the evening wore on.

We bet it wasn’t the piddling little 50cl bottles either. But they’re flying off the shelves at just £3.99 a go at the moment, so you can stock up before the weekend and get a full Wogan on as the drama unfolds.

Finally, for just £5.99, we give you the Maxi Tool. No chaps, it’s not some kind of miracle ointment, but an all-round lump of metal that will do almost anything – hoof-cleaning, nose-picking, scissoring and bottle-opening.

We’re getting one and we’ll be using it to get the shrink-wrapping off the two Marx Brothers box sets we’ve just ordered – 14 films for less than £25. Here’s the classic mirror scene if you’re not convinced.

(deals found by Sephiroth, eurochamps, amibees, millarcat and Kebabmonster)


  • Mike H.
    About fucking time too, bunch of clunts!
  • acecatcher3
    where is the article where im mentioned?
  • Mike H.
    This is my moment ace, although, I am a little annoyed that they say I am, "foul-mouthed" Fucking wankers, but, like you ace, I feel I can coss out the last item on my list of goals.

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