HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 13th April

13 April 2011

hukd_logob1 Just before you ready yourself for an evening of Champions League soccerball action, midweek booze frenzying or just some quiet contemplative meditation with a bong and some ‘special’ movies, here’s a bunch of exciting alternatives.

Loads more like this over at HotUKDeals at the moment including frozen ostrich meat.

918990_1Attention Xbox owners. Unless you have invested in that Kinect thing, then you simply aren’t using your Xbox properly. It is as useless as a sponge penis or a sponge juggernaut. You must rectify this sorry situation as soon as is humanly possible and eradicate unpleasant sponge comparisons from your world.

You can do that simply and painlessly by investing in that Kinect thing TODAY. You can get the Kinect sensor and the Kinect Adventures game for the impossibly tiny price of only £74.99 at the moment – and let’s face it, you’d struggle to get a decent sponge penis for that much these days.

918494_1But let’s not be prejudiced against our PS3-playing readers – after all, they’re mostly only humans as well, with thoughts and feelings and a hatred of pointless sponge body parts just like the Xbox gang. So what can we do for THEM?

Well, we can point them towards a similar offer for the PS3’s Move… erm, thingy. Experience wireless controllingness for your console games with the Move starter pack for only £29.98 delivered. That’s MUCH cheaper than the Xbox thingy isn’t it? Your move Microsoft…

918784_1Finally, something for real people; people who don’t spend all their time holed up in darkened rooms, inhabiting imaginary gaming worlds while slowly dying through the gradual inhalation of their own sweat. In short, we’re talking about people who are into inhaling the sweat of other people at the cinema.

You can get your greasy paws on an unlimited pass for Cineword for only £13.50 per month at the moment – well worth it as the price is going up to £15.00 soon. Buy one now and you’ll get it at the lower price for every month for the next year. Cinemania!

(deals found by HUKD members andywedge, Sholeo, davescottesquire and abattoir)

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