HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 9th December

Here at Deals Of The Day, we’re keen to help you save money, but we’re keener still to keep you all safe from harm and hurt, both physical and emotional. With that in mind, today’s bargains (as found by the forumnistas at HotUKDeals) come with specially tailored advice to help protect you and your purchases…

THE PRODUCT: A sleek-looking Dell XPS One media hub now with 50% discount. Includes a 20" Widescreen monitor, 2.2Ghz C2D, 2gig, 320GB, DVDRW, TV tuner. £400 delivered. Some sweet, sweet action.

DO NOT… (a) allow Wolf from Gladiators to come round and pound it with his fist… (b) attempt to keep goldfish in it… (c) try and make yourself look good / win a bet by claiming you can throw it over a mountain.
(deal found by Mike T)

THE PRODUCT: Classic Monopoly – the board game to end all bored games (that sort of makes sense) for just £4.48.

DO NOT… (a) use the game as some kind of lifestyle inspiration tool. You will probably never drive around London in a giant top hat… (b) develop a crush on Monopoly mascot Rich Uncle Pennybags. He’s handsome but he isn’t real… (c) try spending the Monopoly money in shops – although they might not be that arsed if you try it in Woolworths.
(deal found by natalie189)

THE PRODUCT: Two 4-packs of 2l bottles of Coca Cola. For just £4.00. So that’s 50p a bottle. Sugary pop fun guaranteed.

DO NOT… (a) pour the drink into your Dell XPS One media hub… (b) give some to a baby – it makes them skittish… (c) try to make a rocket by strapping all 8 bottles to a wooden pallet before shaking them and opening them at the same time.
(deal found by bobmarley)


  • Mike H.
    Funnily, and looking back on it, regretably, I DID all the items listed in the DO NOT before I'd actually read the post, now I've got Gladiator (from Gladiators) at the bottom of a cliff, trying to get the fish out of the Coke I poured into my Dell XPS Media Hub which I bought from WOOLIES with Monopoly Money, whilst I drive round London with my Uncle Pennybags in a massive dog shapped car, looking for a wooden pallet to make into a rocket, and a baby to drink the coke from my Dell XPS Media Hub, Knackers, should have headed the great advice of BW.
  • Andy D.
    Good stuff. We love you much more when you're not cussing like a drunk, senile old war veteran.
  • Mike H.
    "Durin' the F**kin' wooar..." Should have been Wolf (from Gladiators) great, now I look a right pillock.

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