HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 17th March

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! The whole world is celebrating its Irishness today with the guzzling of Guinness, the jigging around to the music of The Dubliners and Westlife and the frantic waving of signs reading ‘Send More Potatoes.’

Fittingly, you’d expect us to do a special Irish-flavoured deal round-up for you, but we couldn’t be arsed, so here’s the usual guff. All bargains found by the magical leprechauns over at HotUKDeals

First up, another tip for a cheap but effective Mother’s Day gift. HUKDer sofeac has told the world about a 48p box of Ferrero Rocher that he/she unearthed at his/her local store. Helpfully, sofeac adds, “It was the Granton store (next to where they found part of the remains of the dead lady recently).”

Sofeac also mentions that there is a best before date on the chocs for April of this year. So if you give them to your mum, stand over her in a threatening manner until she’s scoffed the lot. Probably one to avoid actually.

Next, and it seems that a consignment of Wii Fit packages, complete with balance boards, has been found by a keen-eyed HUKDer. For once, you don’t have to buy some other half-baked game with them and they’re only £69.99.

There’s also a free recharge battery pack worth a tenner as part of the deal. Hurry along here now to see if there’s any left.

Finally for now, do you have Sky +? Do you find that the remote control is occasionally too far away for you to reach without having to stretch an arm or sometimes even get up? It’s a bugger isn’t it?

Worry no longer. It looks like you can get an additional remote for half price (£12.50) – we’d seriously recommend getting six or seven and just scattering them around the place so that you’re never too far away from one. Don’t thank us – we’re here to help.

(deals found by sofeac, realfriendlyman and Fraggs)

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  • -=Mike H.
    Ahh fe feks sake, would ya not have a cup 'o' tea so it is Paddy O'Brien top 'o' the mornin' to ye doin' a lil dance round da blarney stone so I was, what a poil 'o' shoit as you can tell, I am Irish so I am

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