HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 15th June

hukd_logob1 Welcome to the magical kingdom of Bargainsville – population us and you. Everywhere you look are savings on top products like games consoles, wellies and trick lighters with cameras hidden in them.

Wait – it isn’t Bargainsville at all. It’s a typical day at HotUKDeals! Cor!

700559Rejoice, for the all-new Xbox360 is here! It’s packed with loads of exciting new features – three extra escape hatches, an added 20 metres of fleeling wire, two hand-held rodeo straps and the ability to crawl sideways as well as forwards and backwards.

We may have massaged the facts a little there because, in truth, we’re not that arsed about it. What we are arsed about though, is the fact that you can get one of these things for only £194.99.

700478Now, we move effortlessly from a games console to ladies' wellington boots. So effortlessly in fact, that we’re not even going to bother coming up with something that links the two completely unrelated items.

It’s the rock ‘n’ roll festival season so it’s inevitably going to piss down most weekends from now on. The wellies are ideal for gathering mud in and you can get a pair for today only for just £9.99 delivered, so go ahead and fill your boots – literally!

700676Finally, a neat little gizmo that you can use to surreptitiously make video recordings of bad customer service or illicit sexual encounters in cheap motorway hotels. It’s all about what you’re into. Just don’t use it for its obvious purpose or you’ll get thrown into the street.

For only £9.50, it’s a cigarette lighter that contains a photo camera and video camera and is used by all the top spies including James Bond, Jason Bourne and er, Jimmy Bullard. Oh, and apparently it doesn’t even work as a lighter, so good luck in trying to explain it when you whip it out in that scuzzy hotel room.

(deals found by HUKD readers georget, andywedge and tasman23)

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