HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 15th February

hukd_logob1Today’s goings-on at HotUKDeals have been DOMINATED by bargain-priced games, but we’re not going to give the whole of today’s Deals Of The Day to them. But if you want Call Of Duty Black Ops for £25, or if you want Dead Space 2 for £23.99 or if you want the PC version of Batman: Arkham Asylum for only £3.75 then you can have them. There’s also the 20% off 'VAT-free' gaming offer that we covered yesterday. We’ll press on with weightier matters instead...

Sure, games are exciting. But can you pour yourself a tall, cool glass of games when you need some refreshment, and get an instant hit of delicious blackcurranty goodness? Of course you can’t.

876905_1That’s because games is games and games isn’t Ribena. Ribena however, is very definitely Ribena. And a one litre bottle of Ribena is now available at half price, namely £1.38. Better still, if you’ve got a voucher, you could be paying as little as just 38p. Altogether now... SCREW YOU GAMES!

876679_1Now, as we’ve already established, games are thrilling. But can you open a tin of games, add mayonnaise and cucumber to make a delicious sandwich filling? Or mix some games into a pan of tomato sauce and then add to some freshly-cooked pasta? Of course not.

That’s because games is games and games isn’t tuna. Obvious really. However, eight tins of tuna can currently be had for only £5.00. That’s the highly-rated Princess brand and none of your cheap tat. Altogether now... SCREW YOU GAMES!

876499_1Finally, games can provide a rush of adrenaline. But can you do stunts and race your mates on games? And do games have yellow skyway wheels? Of course they don’t.

That’s because games is games and games isn’t a BMX. To be more specific a Raleigh Burner. But a Raleigh Burner can be yours for only £99.99 – that’s less than half price. Altogether one more time... SCREW YOU GAMES! SCREW YOU IN THE SCREWING EYEBALL!

(deals found by HUKD members apester, xruiner89, MissGemgem, sharkalos, desertstorm777 and Broxy)

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